Edinburgh Trams News: June 2018:

Lawyers claim key evidence at trams inquiry ‘affected by jet-lag’: Scotsman: 25/06/18

Edinburgh Trams lose £13m but post “profit” of £1.6m…: SWD Media: 22/06/18

(Propaganda - subtract LRT subsidy when calculating the profit and include interest when calculating the cost and the figures presented in this article look very different - did they ever tell you it cost more than one hundred and twenty five million pounds per mile? - probably not!) Edinburgh trams profits more than £1m above forecast: STV News: 22/06/18

Revealed: New plans for trams and cars to share single lane on Leith Walk: Evening News: 20/06/18

What are the options for Leith Walk tram development?: Evening News: 20/06/18

£165m Edinburgh tram extension preferred option to be chosen next week: insider: 20/06/18

Final decision on Edinburgh trams design by December: STV Edinburgh: 20/06/18

Bus driver fights for life after six hurt in Edinburgh Airport tram crash: Herald Scotland: 15/06/18

Driver injured in Edinburgh Airport bus and tram collision: Zloto News: 14/06/18

Tram Enquiry: Open sesame: Court refuses to prevent disclosure of “commercially sensitive” information in public inquiry: Lexology: 01/06/18