Edinburgh Trams News: March 2016:

Edinburgh Tram money drives bus fears: Midlothian Advertiser: 29/03/16

Edinburgh trams airport fares to rise 10 percent: Evening News: 28/03/16

Edinburgh Trams now have a ticket to get you to the airport and back: Edinburgh Reporter: 28/03/16

Lesley Hinds, partially responsible for the Trams fiasco, has audacity to stand for Scottish Parliament: Edinburgh Reporter: 26/03/16

Lothian Buses fair rise not funding tram extension, say chiefs: Evening News: 26/03/16

Fears Edinburgh bus fare rise to fund tram extension: Evening News: 25/03/16

£20m Newhaven tram plan ‘to potential detriment’ of bus service: Evening News: 24/03/16

Edinburgh one of the worst cities for road congestion in UK: BBC News: 15/03/16

We could learn so much from a German lesson: Evening News: 15/03/16

Edinburgh trams: Green light to buy land along route: STV News: 10/03/16

Tram-trains for Edinburgh’s South Suburban line backed by rail chief: Evening News: 09/03/16

When cars did not rule the world: Herald Scotland: 06/03/16

Edinburgh trams: Council plots way ahead for extension: STV News: 04/03/16

Dispute board could keep Edinburgh trams on track: Evening News: 01/03/16