Edinburgh Trams News: January 2016:

As a nation, we are a long way from being able to have a cohesive transport strategy: Herald Scotland: 28/01/16

Liam Rudden: Impossible illusions: Evening News 27/01/16

And great was the gnashing of teeth…: Slugger O'Toole: 25/01/16

Scotland's Edinburgh Gateway station to open by December 2016: Railway Technology: 22/01/16

£41m Edinburgh Gateway Interchange ‘on schedule’: Scottish Construction Now: 21:01/16

Row over proposed cycle route in Edinburgh: BBC News: 20/01/16

Edinburgh trams to carry passengers if trains disrupted: BBC News: 18/01/16

Edinburgh tram inquiry cost hits £2 million: Evening News: 17/01/16

Councillors approve 20mph speed limit for Edinburgh: BBC News: 13/01/16

Trams to Leith shouldn’t cost this much: Evening News: 11/01/16