Edinburgh Trams News: August 2016:

Edinburgh Trams: Transport authority given 'wider remit' despite protest: BBC News: 31/08/16

Edinburgh Trams: Strike action considered at Lothian Buses: The National: 31/08/16

Lothian Buses 'threatened' by handover plan, says union: STV News: 26/08/16

Edinburgh Tram inquiry continues to gather evidence: Edinburgh Reporter: 21/08/16

Machine-to-Human Communication: Nobody Cares (Edinburgh Trams): Chronicle: 21/08/16

Judge warns of possible court action following tram scandal probe: The National: 19/08/16

Tram extension mooted under Edinburgh City Deal: The Planner: 18/08/16

Edinburgh Trams: Inquiry could lead to prosecutions (as they should, in our opinion): BBC News: 18/08/16

City Deal bid could pay for Edinburgh tram extension: The Scotsman: 15/08/16