Edinburgh Trams News: November 2015:

Bus drivers raise objections to tram extension: Edinburgh Reporter: 28/11/15

Bus drivers warned over anti-tram Facebook page: Evening News: 27/11/15

Edinburgh bus drivers in open revolt against tram extension: Deadline: 26/11/15

Tram extension could adversely affect buses and road maintenance: Herald Scotland: 26/11/15

Fresh demands for Edinburgh tram extension to Leith: Rail Magazine: 24/11/15

Edinburgh tram extension moves ahead: Planning Resource: 23/11/15

Services cut as Edinburgh seeks £70m saving (but can find money for trams): Evening News: 21/11/15

Edinburgh says yes to £162m Edinburgh Tram (Trauma) extension: The National: 20/11/15

Edinburgh trams: Councillors to vote on extension to Newhaven: BBC News: 19/11/15

Bus drivers' union attacks plan to use LRT Bus profits to fund tram extension: Herald Scotland: 19/11/15

Hibs midfielder Dylan McGeoch insists expectation as great as at Ibrox: Deadline: 18/11/15

Campaigners: Edinburgh trams route must be extended...: Herald Scotland: 18/11/15

Martin Hannan: Let us decide on big tram gamble: Evening News: 17/11/15

Leith Trams 'would take six years despite work done' claims: Evening News: 17/11/15

Edinburgh Tram extension 'needed to cut air pollution: The National: 16/11/15

Bus fare hike 'to help pay for tram extension': Evening News: 14/11/15

Council preparing to take the tram to Newhaven: Edinburgh Reporter: 13/11/15

Extending tramline 'won't affect council budget' (Ha!): The Scotsman: 13/11/15

Edinburgh Tram Inquiry: Chairman repeats demand to revive TIE: Edinburgh Reporter: 12/11/15

Lib Dems say Labour should build tram line despite SNP: Evening News: 12/11/15

Tram extension hits buffers as SNP learns cost: The National: 12/11/15

Opinion split on taking trams down Leith Walk: Evening News: 10/11/15

Leith Walk tram line extension blocked by SNP: Evening News: 10/11/15

Rebus takes a potshot at Edinburgh's trams in new Rankin novel: Deadline: 04/11/15

Former eyesore is walking the (Leith) walk: The Scotsman: 01/11/15