Edinburgh Trams News: May 2015:

Edinburgh must act before an 'inevitable' fatality on its tram tracks, say solicitors: road.cc: 31/05/15

Edinburgh tram inquiry invites evidence: TransportXtra: 29/05/15

Trams 1 year on: Tom Norris tells of launch nerves: Evening News: 28/05/15

Lawyers warn of cyclists tram risk: BBC News: 28/05/15

SNP would back Leith trams if price is low enough: Evening News: 27/05/15

Tram probe already costs more than parliament inquiry: Evening News: 26/05/15

Edinburgh council criticised over £1m payment to trams consultant: STV Edinburgh: 19/05/15

Herald View: Extending the tram line: Herald Scotland: 13/05/15

Probe into Holyrood role in Edinburgh trams farce: Evening News: 13/05/15

Tram probe bill at £1m before any witnesses called: Evening News: 12/05/15