Edinburgh Trams News: November 2014:

Cyclist taken to hospital after being hit by a tram: Evening News: 27/11/14

Extending tram service to be costed: Herald Scotland: 20/11/14

Edinburgh trams stop after power outage: Evening News: 14/11/14

Lesley Hinds joins Lothian Buses as chair resigns: Evening News: 13/11/14

Contractor 'will support' Edinburgh trams inquiry: The Scotsman: 12/11/14

Letters: Tram costs (not half!): The Scotsman: 10/11/14

Tram enquiry - powers increased to combat lack of co-operation: Edinburgh Reporter: 07/11/14

Leaders: End of the line for the tam fiasco: The Scotsman: 07/11/14

Edinburgh Trams opinion: Letters: No more tears: The Scotsman: 03/11/14

Leith and Granton spur tram routes back on agenda: Evening News: 01/11/14