Edinburgh Trams News: June 2014:

Questions set for Edinburgh tram inquiry: Transport Xtra: 27/06/14

Edinburgh's tram fiasco has lessons for other UK transport projects: The Guardian: 25/06/14

Hundreds fined for fare dodging on Edinburgh trams: Evening News: 25/06/14

Complaints over Edinburgh's sweltering trams: Evening News: 21/06/14

£80m loan plan to extend trams: Herald Scotland: 21/06/14

Mock tram seeks home - What would you do with it?: Evening News: 16/06/14

Opinion: Tram extension may well become a financial necessity: STV News: 14/06/14

Trams inquiry Lord 'Scotland's toughest judge': Evening News: 13/06/14

Edinburgh's mystery knitter launches tram protest: Evening News: 11/06/14

Salmond orders Edinburgh Tram inquiry: Rail News: 09/06/14

Jenny Dawe says trams trouble may remain mystery: Evening News: 06/06/14

Public inquiry will examine Edinburgh trams fiasco: The Scotsman: 06/06/14

Edinburgh Trams: Have you validated?: London Review of Books: 05/06/14

40,000 people travel on Edinb8urgh trams during 1st weekend: Herald Scotland: 02/06/14

Edinburgh tram system opens - £375m over budget and three years late...: Guardian: 01/06/14

Sustainable transport boost as ribbon cut on Edinburgh tram system: Blue & Green: 01/06/14