Edinburgh Trams News: December 2014:

Ian Craig froze out Lothian Buses directors: Evening News: 22/12/14

SNP accused of U-turn on Edinburgh Trams cash: The Scotsman: 15/12/14

St James Quarter development to cause 'tram like' disruption to the area: STV Edinburgh: 15/12/14

Edinburgh Tram Trauma: Letters: Tram expense: The Scotsman: 15/12/14

Edinburgh Tram Trauma: Letters: How much to Leith?: The Scotsman: 12/12/14

Trams super-complaints to go before Lord Hardie: Herald Scotland: 12/12/14

Edinburgh Trams inquiry: 'People refused to
co-operate': BBC News: 11/12/14

Edinburgh trams: how was it for you?, asks inquiry: The Scotsman: 11/12/14

Edinburgh Trams: Letters: Tram lesson plan: The Scotsman: 09/12/14

Edinburgh Trams: Success on track - going to Leith?: The Scotsman: 08/12/14

Trams need to be extended, but not at any cost: Herald Scotland: 05/12/14

No room for trams after £9m Leith Walk works: Evening News: 05/12/14

Edinburgh Tram Trauma: Letters: Traffic Jammed: The Scotsman: 02/12/14