Edinburgh Trams News: September 2013:

Letters: Edinburgh Trams: Cash limits trams (reply to Professor Harvie): The Scotsman: 30/09/13

MacKay off the rails on tram extension: The Scotsman: 24/09/13

Driving on with Edinburgh trams (to Leith eventually?): The Scotsman: 24/09/13

Edinburgh's trams: A disjointed plan: The Scotsman: 20/09/13

Edinburgh trams: Ticket prices unveiled: BBC News: 19/09/13

Now GTA V puts the boot into Edinburgh's trams: Deadline: 18/09/13

Edinburgh trams to be running by May 2014: The Scotsman: 17/09/13

Will Edinburgh's trams be worth the wait - and the £200m overspend: STV News: 17/09/13

Leith roadworks back days after tramworks end: Evening News: 11/09/13

Edinburgh tram works completed along York Place: Global Rail News: 05/09/13

Edinburgh trams: York Place to reopen a year after closing to traffic: STV Edinburgh: 05/09/13