Edinburgh Trams News: October 2013:

Team of 'comedy' conductors is being hired for Edinburgh's trams: Deadline: 31/10/13

Cyclists promised Edinburgh tram track solution: BBC News: 28/10/13

Edinburgh tram system takes step ccloser to completion: Global Rail News: 21/10/13

Edinburgh Trams: "Edinburgh can fix dent in its pride": Evening News: 18/10/13

Cyclists condemn dangerous Edinburgh tram lines: The Scotsman: 17/10/13

City tram project is just a massive black hole: Daily Record: 16/10/13

Cracks in concrete after tram test run: Herald Scotland: 15/10/13

Edinburgh Trams: Works removed at key junction: Evening News: 12/10/13

Edinburgh Trams: Slow tram test flanked by 21 contractors: Evening News: 09/10/13

Video: Edinburgh trams get Kraftwerk parody song: Evening News: 09/10/13

Edinburgh trams tested on city's streets: The Scotsman: 08/10/13

Tram testing to be extended to Edinburgh Park from Tuesday: Edinburgh Reporter: 04/10/13

High-speed trams warning signs hit the street: Evening News: 03/10/13