Edinburgh Trams News: May 2013:

Tram tracks concrete to be relaid after problems with material...: STV Edinburgh: 31/05/13

Edinburgh tram 'continues to threaten council finances: Public Finance: 30/05/13

End of the line for (Edinburgh) trams (trauma)? Letter: Herald Scotland: 29/05/13

From the archive: 'Tram work to continue through festival (note the dates!!): The Scotsman: 27/05/13

Overhead cables to be installed for Edinburgh trams from June: STV Edinburgh: 24/05/13

Edinburgh trams 'will run by end of the year': The Scotsman: 24/05/13

John Swinney will love Edinburgh trams - father: The Scotsman: 22/05/13

Edinburgh Trams: Sour notes being struck at Hydro: Herald Scotland: 18/05/13

MSPs clash over Edinburgh tram inquiry: The Scotsman: 15/05/13

Edinburgh Trams: Iain Gray calls for public inquiry: The Scotsman: 15/05/13

Edinburgh trams: Edinburgh to pay for non-existent service: The Scotsman: 10/05/13