Edinburgh Trams News: June 2013:

Tax breaks sought by council to make profit from Edinburgh Trams: STV Edinburgh: 27/06/13

Edinburgh trams: Council hoping for a tax break: The Scotsman: 27/06/13

Edinburgh Trams moving right along to the next stop: Edinburgh Reporter: 24/06/13

Edinburgh trams expected to run at operating loss: BBC News: 21/06/13

Edinburgh trams and buses to be 'fully integrated' under new company: STV Edinburgh: 21/06/13

Work on power cables for Edinburgh trams project poised to begin: STV Edinburgh:10/06/13

UK-first 'bikes on trams' policy snubs commuters: The Scotsman: 05/06/13

Edinburgh trams: One-way traffic system plans delayed: BBC News: 04/06/13