Edinburgh Trams News: January 2013:

Taxpayers could foot the bill if trams prove a financial flop: Deadline News: 30/01/13

Letters: No need for tram concessions: Herald Scotland: 29/01/13

Transport chief rejects call for free OAP trams: The Scotsman: 25/01/13

Trams 'down to the wire' as budget almost gone: Evening News: 24/01/13

Edinburgh trams: 350 people apply for just 12 driver jobs: BBC News: 17/01/13

Final Edinburgh tram contract awarded: Rail: 16/01/13

Call to give elderly free travel on city trams: The Scotsman: 14/01/13

Edinburgh's trams will be a millstone around the necks of all city council tax payers for many decades to come: STV Edinburgh: 11/01/13

Edinburgh Trams; the final straw - another tram for the museum?: Edinburgh Guide: 08/01/13