Edinburgh Trams News: August 2013:

OAP fulfills dream of writing novel - with Edinburgh tram fiasco as inspiration: deadline: 29/08/13

Council bunting up early to mark tramworks end (featuring Leith): Evening News: 29/08/13

Edinburgh trams a 'boon' for Edinburgh park demand: The Scotsman: 27/08/13

Edinburgh tram line to feature poems and art: Evening News: 26/08/13

Edinburgh trams over-budget and off the rails: C4 News Pop-up: 23/08/13

Edinburgh trams 'will be as quick as buses': The Scotsman: 21/08/13

Tram tracks concrete to be relaid for second time after failing tests: STV News: 19/08/13

Potty decision leaves drivers with crossed legs on Edinburgh's trams: Deadline News: 18/08/13

Edinburgh tram will take longer than bus to airport: Evening News: 17/08/13

Travellers only need one ticket for buses and trams: Herald Scotland: 16/08/13

There's a wee problem with Edinburgh trams...: Edinburgh Reporter: 15/08/13

Anger at Edinburgh trams ticket plans: Evening News: 15/08/13

Edinburgh's delayed £776m trams finally on move... but only go 500 metres: Daily Record: 12/08/13

Edinburgh trams: Contractors admit concrete blunder: Evening News: 09/08/13

Complaints choir give Edinburgh trams chorus of disapproval: BBC News: 05/08/13