Edinburgh Trams News: June 2012:

Edinburgh council leaders under pressure over tram project inquiry: The Scotsman: 26/06/12

Tram 'directors' paid only 20% tax from £1m fees and bonuses: The Scotsman: 25/06/12

Edinburgh Trams: Fair deal for failures: Herald Scotland: 24/06/12

Tram pay-off scandal: Tie bosses pay-outs 'signed off in secret': The Scotsman: 22/06/12

Edinburgh tram pay-offs 'unacceptable' admits Lesley Hinds: The Scotsman: 21/06/12

Anger as £400,000 paid out to tram firm bosses: Herald Scotland: 21/06/12

Tram works are blamed as KFC (Leith) fined over mice: Herald Scotland: 08/06/12