Edinburgh Trams News: April 2012:

Tram project in worse state than ever, claim engineers: The Scotsman: 30/04/12

Firms hit by Edinburgh tram works claim for lost revenue: Herald Scotland: 28/04/12

Fifty years after rail track fell silent, trams offer new lease of life: The Scotsman: 27/04/12

Council chiefs broke law over 'shredded' tram files: The Scotsman: 19/04/12

Is it time to start city on another tram adventure?: The Scotsman: 18/04/12

Scottish council elections: Lib Dems to maintain Edinburgh trams: The Scotsman: 18/04/12

Manifesto for Edinburgh trams to Leith: Edinburgh Guide: 17/04/12

Tram bosses defend York Place 'temporary' stop bid: The Scotsman: 13/04/12

Opinion: Only way for Edinburgh to move forward is to embrace the trams: The Scotsman: 12/04/12

First tram down Leith Walk to be pedal powered protest tram: Greener Leith: 01/04/12