Edinburgh Trams News: October 2011:

Call for gagging orders on tram staff over severance to be lifted: Herald Scotland: 30/10/11

Council to restore damage to Leith Walk: Herald Scotland: 27/10/11

City landed with £5m bill to fill gap in TIE pensions: The Scotsman: 26/10/11

Pride aim for Edinburgh Tram project: The Scotsman: 22/10/11

Edinburgh tram contractors plan infrastructure trust: CityWire: 21/10/11

£7m more cuts on the way to pay Edinburgh tram debt: Evening News: 20/10/11

Edinburgh Trams - Milestone short of a champagne moment: The Scotsman: 18/10/11

At last a tram... an it's late, of course: The Scotsman: 18/10/11

Gina Davidson: Incompetence is not an excuse (Edinburgh Trams): The Scotsman: 13/10/11

TIE's replacement to cost city £8000 a day: Evening News: 13/10/11

Let's focus on delivering capital's trams (Opinion): The Scotsman: 13/10/11

We dug ourselves into a hole over trams fiasco, admits senior official: The Scotsman: 12/10/11

Half a line at double the price: BBC News: 11/10/11

Edinburgh trams: "A Streetcar Named Desire": Edinburgh Guide: 11/10/11

They've chosen the wrong route for trams, claims professor: The Scotsman: 10/10/11

Assurances from tram firm were rubbish, says Swinney: BBC News: 09/10/11

Lothians MSP piles on the pressure for Edinburgh Tram inquiry: STV Edinburgh: 07/10/11

How did our trams go so far off the rails?: The Scotsman: 05/10/11

Edinburgh Trams: council admits it was wrong and pays £66m to contractors: The Scotsman: 05/10/11