Edinburgh Trams News: November 2011:

Making tracks towards tram work completion: Evening News: 29/11/11

Edinburgh tram works to add 10 minutes to journeys: BBC News: 28/11/11

Salmond 'has ducked out' of public probe into tram farce: Evening News: 26/11/11

The dumbest council in Britain?: The Spectator: 25/11/11

Tram works make way for the return of Leith Walk pigeons: STV Edinburgh: 25/11/11

Letters: Tram censorship: The Scotsman: 25/11/11

Reading between the black lines: 'John Swinney at heart of trams fiasco': The Scotsman: 24/11/11

Council bosses deny shredding controversial tram documents: STV Edinburgh: 10/11/11

If Scotland's Disgrace can a top attraction, trams will barely dent the city's reputation: The Scotsman: 10/11/11

Edinburgh: city that lost its way for want of leadership: The Scotsman: 09/11/11

Edinburgh Trams: Council plumb new depths in relations with residents: Edinburgh Guide: 07/11/11

Call for capital's retailers to unite against tram 'nightmare': The Scotsman: 05/11/11