Edinburgh Trams News: May 2011:

"Abandoning the tram project is not an option": The Scotsman: 30/05/11

Bill for tram peace talks hits £13,000 and rising: The Scotsman: 26/05/11

Opinion: Edinburgh trams should be all or nothing: Guardian Edinburgh: 24/05/11

Edinburgh trams: We've reached the end of the line: Evening News: 23/05/11

Trams chief quits as city ponders future of project: Herald Scotland: 20/05/11

Edinburgh Trams supporters - speak up and have your say: Guardian Edinburgh: 18/05/11

Future for trams: 'We must all play a part in the final decision': The Scotsman: 17/05/11

City lookis at private finance plan to get trams off the ground: The Scotsman: 17/05/11

Trams 'could be scrapped within weeks': Scotland on Sunday: 15/05/11

Retail rage as capital warned of fresh tram chaos: The Scotsman: 13/05/11

Tram reaction, plastic bag protest and a late Christmas tree: Guardian Edinburgh: 12/05/11

Princes Street to close for 10 months, Leithers angry at fiasco: Guardian Edinburgh: 11/05/11

Edinburgh traders count the cost of trams fiasco: Herald Scotland: 10/05/11

Where now for Edinburgh Trams?: Edinburgh Guide: 07/05/11

'Emergencies only' public cash may be plundered to save trams: The Scotsman: 04/05/11

All political parties desert Edinburgh trams - but Chamber of Commerce supports!: Evening Guide: 04/05/11

Trams must go all the way to the end of the line say business chiefs: The Scotsman: 03/05/11

Edinburgh City Council must now face up to reality over trams project: Herald Scotland: 02/05/11

Trams body faces being thrown off the job: The Scotsman: 01/05/11