Edinburgh Trams News: June 2011:

Labour demands heads of Dawe and Cardownie over trams fiasco: The Scotsman: 30/06/11

Buses face being 'trashed' to pay fo loss-making trams - union: The Scotsman: 30/06/11

SNP to call for referendum on troubled Edinburgh trams project: Herald Scotland: 29/06/11

Edinburgh Tram Vote website brands official report a biased travesty: STV Edinburgh: 28/06/11

City rails against future of tram line: Evening News: 27/06/11

Trams would result in pollution problem for Edinburgh streets: Herald Scotland: 27/06/11

£1000 ad dayy paid to consultants on Edinburgh trams scandal: Herald Scotland: 26/06/11

Alex Salmond corfirms no more funding for troubled trams project: STV Edinburgh: 24/06/11

£1bn to complete full Edinburgh tram line: The Scotsman: 24/06/11

Edinburgh tram project seems set to survive: Rail News: 24/06/11

Tram cost to reach £700m... even if scrapped: The Scotsman: 23/06/11

Fresh blow for city's tram project: Evening News: 23/06/11

First Minister told: new powers to borrow can save our trams: The Scotsman: 20/06/11

Why would anyone want to stop the Edinburgh trams project now?: Caledonian Mercury: 20/06/11

Edinburgh trams - TIE in meltdown?: Edinburgh Guide: 16/06/11

Tram system may be partly privatised, admit bosses: The Scotsman: 15/06/11

Edinburgh tram firm to cut jobs: New Civil Engineer: 13/06/11

Leith Festival: Strange places, dream spaces: STV Edinburgh :13/06/11

Vote for me to get the trams scrapped: The Scotsman: 13/06/11

Edinburgh's disgrace II: Tram fiasco threatens to further embarrass capital: Scotland on Sunday: 12/06/11

'We're' all 100% behind the tram project' - Twitter users offer dishonest Edinburgh tourist tips: The Scotsman: 08/06/11

Mandy Haeburn-Little to leave Edinburgh Trams project: BBC News: 07/06/11

Closure of tram firm nears as publicity boss quits: The Scotsman: 07/06/11

Bus industry warns against new tram plan: Herald Scotland: 02/06/11

Four more tram executives quit as fear deepen that project will be mothballed: The Scotsman: 01/06/11