Edinburgh Trams News: July 2011:

Lothian Buses could be sold to pay for Edinburgh Trams: The Scotsman: 29/07/11

Clarity plea over cost of axing trams: The Scotsman: 26/07/11

Edinburgh Trams - City council want to increase their commitment ten fold!: Edinburgh Guide: 23/07/11

Lib Dem councillor Elaine Morris defects to SNP (over Edinburgh trams leadership): BBC News: 21/07/11

Trams peace-maker cost city £3,000 a day: The Scotsman: 18/07/11

Trams chief blames Tie's failures for spiralling costs: Herald Scotland: 16/07/11

Abandoned tram route road repairs will cost city £3.4m: The Scotsman: 13/07/11

Edinburgh trams face council by-election challenge: Evening Guide: 12/07/11

Trams PR costs £900,000: Scotland on Sunday: 10/07/11

Lawyers and PR firms are paid millions from city's tram saga: The Scotsman: 09/07/11

Trams stall Leith wheel: The Scotsman: 07/07/11

Edinburgh votes to save tram project: Railway Gazette: 06/07/11

Foreign cash may bail out Edinburgh trams: The Scotsman: 06/07/11

Council's tram figures don't add up: The Scotsman: 04/07/11

Letters: "It's time for Salmond to support council in tram project": Herald Scotland: 04/07/11

Key services 'to bear cost of Edinburgh trams fiasco': Herald Scotland: 02/07/11