Edinburgh Trams News: August 2011:

Edinburgh trams back on track as SNP and Labour signal support for scheme: The Guardian: 31/08/11

Trams U-turn as Swinney pulls plug on £72m funding: Herald Scotland: 31/08/11

Now Edinburgh Tram decision looks uncertain again: Rail News: 30/08/11

Ministers urged to intervene in Edinburgh trams project: The Scotsman: 29/08/11

New row as capital tram line cost may still soar: The Scotsman: 27/08/11

Tram fiasco: 'Edinburgh needs an explanation of who precisely is to blame': The Scotsman: 26/08/11

Edinburgh trams will stop at Haymarket: Edinburgh Guide: 25/08/11

Edinburgh tram costs now threaten to top £1bn: Rail News: 25/08/11

Former chancellor brands trams borrowing 'absolute madness': STV Edinburgh: 24/08/11

Turner & Townsend called in to rescue Edinburgh trams: Construction News: 24/08/11

Council plans to borrow for Edinburgh trams project: Regen Renewal: 22/08/11

Service cuts set to cover tram costs: The Scotsman: 20/08/11

Tram funding plans to push cost of building line to £1bn: The Scotsman: 19/08/11

City centre by-election: Polls open for crucial contest re biomass plant, trams and privatisation of council services: The Scotsman: 18/08/11

City Centre by-election topics dominated by Edinburgh trams: Edinburgh Guide: 17/08/11

Tories to stall final green light for embattled trams: The Scotsman: 16/08/11

Fresh blow for Edinburgh trams as Croydon says no to leasing vehicles: Scotland on Sunday: 14/08/11

Too many trams - 'This is typical of the project so far': The Scotsman: 13/08/11

Transport bosses put off free tram travel decision: The Scotsman: 09/08/11

Edinburgh, a city with tramlines - but still no trams: Independent: 07/08/11

SNP in refusal to sit on tram body: Evening News: 05/08/11

Edinburgh trams continue their unabated waste of money: Edinburgh Guide: 02/08/11

Outrage over 'waste' of cash on tram line that may never arrive: The Scotsman: 01/08/11