Edinburgh Trams News: April 2011:

Trams leaders will beg for extra funding: Herald Scotland: 30/04/11

Buses accountant standing for SNP calls for trams axe: The Scotsman: 21/04/11

Salmond's tram anger: The Scotsman: 19/03/11

Trams update and nursery closure decision update: Guardian Edinburgh: 19/04/11

Edinburgh light rail halted. The usual suspects. The usual results: Hawaii Reporter: 14/04/11

Trams project will come to nothing, predicts Salmond: The Scotsman: 13/03/11

Work goes on at (Edinburgh) trams depot: Edinburgh Guide: 12/04/11

Trams delay leaves £30m rail project in the sidings: Herald Scotland: 09/04/11

Tories would pull funding for Edinburgh trams: Guardian Edinburgh: 05/04/11

Trams row 'harms Scotland's image': Press Association: 05/04/11

Edinburgh Trams: Councillors with conflicting interests to be investigated: Edinburgh Guide: 01/04/11

Transport: 'Not one penny more for trams': The Scotsman: 01/04/11