Edinburgh Trams News: October 2010:

Letter: Trams project will only be able to run on subsidies: The Scotsman: 30/10/10

City leaders to have final word on trams chiefs' pay: The Scotsman: 29/10/10

Tram tomorrow: The progress of a saga that has engulfed Edinburgh: The Scotsman: 28/10/10

Lothian buses to merge with tram project: The Journal: 27/10/10

Edibnburgh Trams: When Grand Projects become folly: Allan Massie: The Scotsman: 27/10/10

Trams 'hold key to unlocking capital's potential': The Scotsman: 25/10/10

SNP group prepares to get on board with capital tram scheme: The Scotsman: 21/10/10

Comment: a slow-motion tram wreck: Caledonian Mercury: 18/10/10

Get on and finish trams, says John Swinney: The Scotsman: 16/10/10

New business case for trams demanded: The Scotsman: 15/10/10

Lack of Leith links shows tram project flaws: Caledonian Mercury: 13/09/10

A round-up of reactions to the latest Edinburgh Trams update report: Guardian Edinburgh: 11/10/10

Work goes on at shelved sections of tram route: The Scotsman: 11/10/10

No guarantees on cost, admits tram boss: Herald Scotland: 10/10/10

Edinburgh trams: Three years of hurt for nothing: The Scotsman: 09/10/10

Trams will be profitable from day 1 but Leith can wait, says Council: Edinburgh Guide: 08/09/10

Cyclist may sue trm firm after rails cause injury after fall: The Scotsman: 06/10/10

£15m at the heart of the trams fiasco: The Scotsman: 05/10/10