Edinburgh Trams News: November 2010:

Cover up row over spending on advisers: Herald Scotland: 28/11/10

Outcry as consultants on tram deal paid £140,000 bonuses: Herald Scotland: 28/11/10

MSP hits at tram company's £13m pay costs: The Scotsman: 27/11/10

More money demanded for Edinburgh tramline: The Journal: 24/11/10

Forgetting Leith Walk in tram project would be 'cart before the horse': Guardian Edinburgh: 23/11/10

Small businesses facing tax quiz over tram compensation: Business Scotsman: 22/11/10

Mediation bid to end trams row: Evening News: 19/11/10

Tram peace talks proposal 'simple and patronising': Evening News: 16/11/10

Letter: Eight key proposals to end (tram) impasse: The Scotsman: 16/11/10

Edinburgh trams project facing derailment: Epoch Times: 15/11/10

New temporary trams chief set to be unveiled: The Scotsman: 12/11/10

Trams bosses rebuff peace talks offer: The Scotsman: 05/11/10

Directors against using Waterfront cash to take trams to Leith: Guardian Edinburgh: 03/11/10

Docks revamp 'at risk' if tram line incomplete: The Scotsman: 01/11/10