Edinburgh Trams News: June 2010:

Tram bosses deny online rumours the project will be scrapped: STV News: 30/06/10

Audit watchdogs to pursue Transport Scotland over £250m trams payment: Herald Scotland: 26/06/10

Trams referendum plan is rejected as Edinburgh councillors press on: The Scotsman: 25/06/10

'Special' Edinburgh tram meeting voted out: BBC News: 24/06/10

Evening News tram report provokes strenuous denials: Guardian Edinburgh: 23/06/10

Edinburgh today - trams analysis, protest plans and more: Guardian Edinburgh: 21/06/10

Call to ditch Edinburgh tram project: BBC News: 19/06/10

All pain no gain for companies if tram route is cut short: The Scotsman: 19/06/10

Edinburgh trams project 'may borrow £55m': BBC News: 18/06/10

Soaring costs may force Edinburgh tram line to be cut short: The Scotsman: 18/06/10

Forth Ports trams backtrack and the intowable driver: Guardian Edinburgh: 15/06/10

Forth Ports refuses to make £29m donation to trams project: The Scotsman: 14/06/10

Tram fiasco: it's time to name guilty parties: The Scotsman: 10/06/10

City tram deal 'may be ripped up': Lynn News: 08/06/10

Edinburgh tram project faces further delays: STV News: 07/06/10

Tramline's in a whole lot of rubble: The Scotsman: 07/06/10

Deadline for trams gets put back two years until 2014: The Scotsman: 06/06/10