Edinburgh Trams News: February 2010:

Tram works and car wardens driving away Edinburgh's shoppers: The Scotsman: 27/02/10

City may cancel contract as tram stalemate adds to delays: The Scotsman: 22/02/10

Edinburgh Tram-affected businesses face being taxed on compensation: The Scotsman: 20/02/10

Traffic lights row threatens to delay Edinburgh trams for months: The Scotsman: 16/02/10

Trams Opinion: open letter to Jenny Dawe, leader of Edinburgh Council: The Scotsman: 16/02/10

Higher costs fuel Edinburgh tram row: Financial Times: 15/02/10

Letters: Capital tram project has been allowed to go off the rails: The Scotsman: 11/02/10

Star-billing for posters sticking it to the tram works: Evening News: 11/02/10

Botched tram works lave phone box sitting in road in Leith Walk: Deadline Press & Picture: 09/02/10

Leith hotel development could dodge £250,000 in tram fees: The Journal: 03/02/10

Way off track: Old tram plan makes present one look very suspicious: The Scotsman: 03/02/10