Edinburgh Trams News: April 2010:

New tram arrives for capital show: Peterborough Today: 26/04/10

Edinburgh gridlock worse than Paris jams due to trams fiasco: The Scotsman: 18/04/10

Tram project to be captured for major exhibition: Deadline Press: 14/04/10

Sighs of relief in Leith as traffic restrictions removed: The Scotsman: 12/03/10

Edinburgh today - legal move on trams, sunshine and politics: Guardian Online: 12/04/10

135 changes, £16m bill - the latest trams furore: The Scotsman: 10/04/10

Leith traders tram invite vetoed by tram bosses: The Scotsman: 05/04/10

Tram scheme row ramps up a gear: The Herald: 04/04/10

Response to FOI request reveals 472 complaints about Edinburgh Trams: Guardian Online: 01/04/10