Edinburgh Trams News: September 2009:

Trams off the rails? Costs now open-ended?: BBC News: 30/09/09

Edinburgh Tram bill could escalate to £750 million: BBC News: 30/09/09

Bus bosses frozen out of talks on merged tram firm: The Scotsman: 29/09/09

Edinburgh trams spark more than 400 complaints in nine months: The Scotsman: 25/09/09

Dissatisfied public: 'The depth of disapproval is quite staggering: Evening News: 23/09/09

Tram power cables driving us just Idlewild with rage: The Scotsman: 23/09/09

Archaeologists working along the Capital's tram rouote reveal some of their underground findings: Evening News: 23/09/09

Troubled tram project faces fresh delays as talks falter: The Herald: 21/09/09

'French firm to be axed' in major Edinburgh tram savings drive: The Scotsman: 17/09/09

Leith small traders accuse tram firm of double standards on banners: The Scotsman: 16/09/09

Motorists to face new curbs with Edinburgh trams: The Scotsman: 16/09/09

Laying of tram tracks in Leith facing delay until New Year: The Scotsman: 15/09/09

Trams bosses employ dedicated 'tweeter' to give work updates: The Scotsman: 09/09/09