Edinburgh Trams News: May 2009:

Tram chief predicts turnaround in public opinion: The Scotsman: 22/05/09

Fears over tram timetable as call goes out for a new builder: Evening News: 15/05/09

Tram chief's future in doubt: The Scotsman: 11/05/09

Key tram section to be year late: BBC News: 09/05/09

Grisly remains unearthed by tramworks: The Scotsman: 08/05/09

Fears capital's tram project could 'run off the rails': The Herald: 08/05/09

Fake tram is given real security against vandals: Evening News: 07/05/09

Bus Fares: 'Lothian buses must deal with the downturn': The Scotsman: 05/05/09

Hairdressers in a spin as tram works power blunder forces launderette move: Evening News: 04/05/09