Edinburgh Trams News: March 2009:

Edinburgh tram works resume after dispute: The Herald: 26/03/09

Bigger tram battles are yet to come warns contractor: Evening News: 24/03/09

Tram works to restart next week: The Herald: 21/03/09

Trams cash row: 'The dispute has sparked a bitter war of words': The Scotsman: 19/03/09

Trams firm faces legal battle after sack from Canadian job: Evening News: 18/03/09

We're in a bad place, admit tram chiefs: The Scotsman: 17/03/09

Showroom blames trams as it quits city: The Scotsman: 16/03/09

Public confidence in TIE is waning: The Scotsman: 14/03/09

Business brief: Capital businesses close due to trams debacle: Daily Record: 13/03/09

'No blank cheque' for trams pledge as city reveals £215m spent: The Scotsman: 11/03/09

Coping with the crunch: Making sure he's got a job on his hands: Business Scotsman: 11/03/09

Runaway tram costs leave emergency fund half empty: Evening News: 09/03/09

Barcelona exposes the tram stupidity of our transport plan: Sunday Herald: 08/03/09

Edinburgh tram project chould shelve Princes Street stretch: The Herald: 07/03/09

'Tramworks are turning shoppers off Edinburgh' - John Lewis: The Scotsman: 07/03/09

Capital confirms bus and tram merger: The Scotsman: 06/03/09

Trams: 'Now is not the time for leaders to run for cover': The Scotsman: 05/03/09

Too much negative comment on trams: The Scotsman: 05/03/09

Trams could solve capital's problems: The Herald: 05/03/09

Mock tram gets visitors on board: BBC News: 03/03/09

Emergency talks over trams delay: The Herald: 02/03/09

Fiona McCade: Derailed by the tram to nowhere: Times Online: 01/03/09