Edinburgh Trams News: June 2009:

Claims for compensation hit £16,000: The Scotsman: 29/06/09

Tram chief's claims: 'Their costs are a matter of public concern': The Scotsman: 29/06/09

Tram works edge toward late finish: The Scotsman: 22/06/09

'No way' tram project will stay within £545m budget: The Scotsman: 20/06/09

Trams - 'The task gets more difficult by the day': Evening News: 20/06/09

Look, we're making tracks at last in the capital's tram saga: The Scotsman: 09/06/09

Launderette is left high and dry by tram works hole: The Scotsman: 08/06/09

Ten-year-old wins contest promoting tram works safety: The Scotsman: 05/06/09