Edinburgh Trams News: February 2009:

Work starts in days, says Mr Tram: The Scotsman: 28/02/09

Tram contractors have tried three times already to get more money: Evening News: 27/02/09

Trams project contractor in fresh row over stand-off: The Scotsman: 26/02/09

Design changes blamed in tram row: BBC News: 25/02/09

Troubled tram project slips 8 months off track: Evening News: 24/02/09

Funding row puts trams project at risk: Scotland on Sunday: 22/02/09

Capital trams face another year's delay: The Scotsman: 21/02/09

Contract row derails tram project: BBC News: 20/02/09

£512 Edinburgh tram project in disarray: The Telegraph: 20/02/09

Road closed... But Edinburgh still open: The Scotsman: 19/02/09

The trouble with trams...: The Scotsman: 19/02/09

We need tram network: The Scotsman: 11/02/09

MS sufferer urged to avoid the city centre dure to tram works: Evening News: 05/02/09

Tram chiefs calm about Princes Street closure: The Journal: 04/02/09

Ill-conceived trams plan: The Scotsman: 03/02/09

Illusory need for trams: The Scotsman: 02/02/09