Edinburgh Trams News: September 2008:

Tram champions have dug a hole for themselves: The Scotsman: 30/09/08

Mound trams work closure causes traffic chaos: Evening News: 30/09/08

Outspoken trams critic set to get businesses back on track: Evening News: 30/09/08

TIE hands out £350,000 to keep city Open for Business: The Scotsman: 27/09/08

Councillors must feel our pain on public transport: The Scotsman: 23/09/08

Motorists edged out as tram plan revealed: The Scotsman: 20/09/08

It's like getting blood out of a stone: The Scotsman: 20/09/08

Massive road shake-up in preparation for trams: The Scotsman: 20/09/08

Permanent tram road plan revealed: BBC News: 19/09/08

Trams are ruining us: The Scotsman: 19/09/08

Tram chiefs line up work to lay first tracks within weeks: Evening News: 18/09/08

Exhibition to show final design of Leith Walk after trams complete: Evening News: 16/09/08

Trams force a new approach in Leith retailer: Business Scotsman: 15/09/08

Edinburgh trams company to ask government for more money (+ Video) :STV News: 14/09/08

Edinburgh tram firm seeks extra £10 for network: Sunday Herald: 14/09/08

Reeling through Auld Reekie: New York Times: 13/09/08

Trams versus schools: 'Children should not be used as a political football': The Scotsman: 12/09/08

Leader rules out taxing bus fares for tram line: The Scotsman: 12/09/08

Swinney blames tram costs as schools programme stalls: The Scotsman: 11/09/08

The case for tram line three (airport to Leith) remains strong: The Scotsman: 10/09/08

New trams will debut in 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland: Los Angeles Times: 05/09/08

Edinburg's tram builders launch recruitment drive: The Scotsman: 03/09/08

Long road ahead for efforts to boost public transport use: The Scotsman: 02/09/08

Haymarket chaos: 'Jenny, we're just telling it like it is on the roads': The Scotsman: 01/09/08