Edinburgh Trams News: October 2008:

John Gibson: Trams fat cats ready for the gravy train?: The Scotsman: 30/10/08

Tram chiefs abandon plan to bar all traffic from Princes Street: The Scotsman: 29/10/08

Outrage as every Leith Walk tree faces trams axe: The Scotsman: 28/10/08

Third of trams money gone and not a single track is laid: The Scotsman: 24/10/08

Festive cheer for traders as tram work suspension plans are confirmed: Evening News: 23/10/08

Festive break for tram works gives traders relief: The Scotsman: 23/10/08

Cardownie calls for nighttime work to prevent tram chaos: Evening News: 21/10/08

Tram chief in line to share £3m pot of gold: Evening News: 20/10/08

Free parking bid for January sales: The Scotsman: 20/10/08

Water cut leaves pool high and dry: The Scotsman: 17/10/08

Edinburgh tram backers want to divert cash from Borders rail line: The Scotsman: 17/10/08

Leith Walk in line for break in tramworks: Evening News: 16/10/08

Homes left with no water for three days: Evening News: 13/10/08

Ads cash set to roll in on back of trams: The Scotsman: 11/10/08

Recession: 'There is a need to focus on cutting costs': The Scotsman: 10/10/08

It's time to wheel Phil out of office: The Scotsman: 09/10/08

Police called in as traders party for tram hole turns nasty: Evening News: 07/10/08

Tram works row: 'TIE's PR exercise hasn't penetrated the hard hats': The Scotsman: 07/10/08

Bid to ensure Princes Street stays open (and that hole in Leith Walk!): The Herald: 07/10/08

Traders say trams will halve car spaces on Leith Walk: Evening News: 06/10/08

No one seems to care as businesses keep going under: The Scotsman: 04/10/08

Trams road closure 'delayed indefinitely': The Scotsman: 04/10/08

Leith Walk tram tracks to be laid: BBC News: 03/10/08

Callf for city tram boss to resign: BBC News: 02/10/08

Trams chief says sorry for city centre gridlock: Evening News: 02/10/08