Edinburgh Trams News: November 2008:

City transport bosses ready to ask Holyrood for trams bail-out cash: Evening News: 29/11/08

Edinburgh catches first sight of its tram rails: The Herald: 29/11/08

Trams 'on schedule and on budget': BBC News: 28/11/08

Capital tram tracks arrive: The Scotsman: 28/11/08

Group takes a firm stance for traders: Evening News: 26/11/08

Mock tram aiming to get critics on board: Evening News: 24/11/08

Chisolm hits out at plan to drop tram line: The Scotsman: 22/11/08

Tram workers in walk-out threat over wages wrangle: Evening News: 21/11/08

City chiefs to pass 'urgent' measures to fill tram jobs: Evening News: 19/11/08

Edinburgh tram network falls victim to credit crunch: Daily Telegraph: 19/11/08

Interim leader for capital trams: BBC News: 19/11/08

Tram workers attacked with bricks as tempers boil over: Evening News: 18/11/08

Tram work slump hits new group of traders: The Scotsman: 17/11/08

TIE chief's move is the start of bad news for the project: The Scotsman: 15/11/08

Tram chief's resignation: It's vital that an able replacement is found quickly: The Scotsman: 14/11/08

Tram project chief quits for 'personal and family reasons': The Herald: 14/11/08

We're dreaming of a tight Christmas: Evening News: 13/11/08

Inside Transport: Rail link for Borders has more bumps ahead of it: The Scotsman: 11/11/08

Businessman gets out blac paint to fix tram firm's mistake: Evening News: 05/11/08

Horns lock as trams stampede over hidden bull sculptures: The Scotsman: 04/11/08

Tree replacement a must on Leith Walk: The Scotsman: 01/11/08