Edinburgh Trams News: August 2008:

Buckhurst on line for Edinburgh trams: Construction News: 29/08/08

Transport funding: 'Trams levy on bus fares is a ludicrous idea: The Scotsman: 26/08/08

Bus fare 'tram tax' on agenda in leaked proposals: Evening News: 26/08/08

Tram disruption warning to city: The Scotsman: 16/08/08

Ditching airport rail link will 'keep Euro HQs out of city': The Scotsman: 16/08/08

Haymarket next for chaos on the roads: Evening News: 15/08/08

Bus service bid to link business hubs: The Herald: 15/08/08

Time to upgrade our roads system from Thrid World: The Scotsman: 13/08/08

SNP demonstrates how U-turn with trams is possible: The Scotsman: 11/08/08

How much must Capital suffer for the tram project?: The Scotsman: 08/08/08

'Champion' to rescue Leith from Tram chaos: The Scotsman: 06/08/08