Leith News: September 2013:

500 Smiles: Dexter Fletcher on Sunshine on Leith: The Skinny: 30/09/13

Leith fundraising for MacMillan raises £1087 Scottish Poonds: Edinburgh Reporter: 30/09/13

Pat Fenlon irked over Hibees' lack of desire: Evening News: 30/09/13

Letters: Edinburgh Trams: Cash limits trams (reply to Professor Harvie): The Scotsman: 30/09/13

Ship drawings from Port of Leith go on display at Trinity House: BBC News: 29/09/13

Leith Walk bicycle plan good for all (opinion): Evening News: 28/09/13

Leith Docks bid for HIMS Edinburgh are scuttled: Evening News: 28/09/13

Inverness CT 3 - 0 Hibernian: Full match report with video highlights: BBC Sport: 28/09/13

Official opening of new Gaelic school for Edinburgh: Edinburgh Reporter: 25/09/13

Leith Walk to get £3.6m kike safety upgrade: The Scotsman: 24/09/13

MacKay off the rails on tram extension: The Scotsman: 24/09/13

Hunt for man who robbed Leith bookmakers: Evening News: 24/09/13

Hibernian 5 - 3 Stranraer: Full match report: BBC Sport: 24/09/13

Restaurant review: A Room in Leith: Edinburgh Reporter: 24/09/13

Driving on with Edinburgh trams (to Leith eventually?): The Scotsman: 24/09/13

Proclaimers film 'Sunshine on Leith' sparks debate: The Scotsman: 22/09/13

Review: Candersons - a sweet spot on Leith Walk: Edinburgh Reporter: 22/09/13

Hibernian 2 - 0 St Mirren: Full match report with video highlights: BBC Sport: 21/09/13

How historic Leith paddle steamer met with tragedy: Evening News: 20/09/13

Edinburgh's trams: A disjointed plan: The Scotsman: 20/09/13

Three Scottish 'at risk' theatres saved: BBC News: 19/09/13

Edinburgh trams: Ticket prices unveiled: BBC News: 19/09/13

Hibs players buy 'Vengabus' for M8 commute: The Scotsman: 19/09/13

Stars turn out for Sunshine on Leith premiere (with video of attendees): Evening News: 18/09/13

Now GTA V puts the boot into Edinburgh's trams: Deadline: 18/09/13

Filth: James McAvoy delivers ferocious performance in best Irvine Welsh adaptation since Trainspotting: The List: 18/09/13

Hibs' chief righ to stick by Pat Fenlon, insists Alan Maybury: Daily Record: 18/09/13

Sunshine on Leith: 'Love song to Scotland': BBC News: 18/09/13

Scotland (starring Leith & Leithers it seems) set for a cinematic boom: The Scotsman: 18/09/13

Edinburgh trams to be running by May 2014: The Scotsman: 17/09/13

Proclaimers moved to tears by new film Sunshine on Leith: Daily Record: 17/09/13

Will Edinburgh's trams be worth the wait - and the £200m overspend: STV News: 17/09/13

Hibs boss craves first Easter Road victory: Evening News: 17/09/13

Proclaimers musical Sunshine on Leith gets UK premiere: BBC News: 16/09/13

Restaurant Review: A Room in Leith: Foodepedia: 17/09/13

Plan for floating village at Leith waterways: Evening News: 16/09/13

Leith pupils at biggest risk on Edinburgh roads: Evening News: 16/09/13

Screening the Obscene: Irvine Welsh on Filth: The Skinny: 16/09/13

Hibs' Tim Clancy suffers another injury: Evening News: 16/09/13

Eco village aims to float buyers' boat (in Leith): The Scotsman: 15/09/13

St Johnstone 1 - 2 Hibernian: Full match report: Edinburgh Reporter: 15/09/13

Nostalgia: Lives less ordinary in the Leith Library: Evening News: 14/09/13

Restaurant review: BOND No 9, Leith: The Scotsman: 14/09/13

Behind the scenes look at the new movie from the Proclaimers: Daily Record: 14/09/13

Stroke survivors reveal recovery struggle at Stroke centre in Leith: Evening News: 13/09/13

Heffernan: Hibs move a no-brainer: Yahoo Sport: 13/09/13

Leith roadworks back days after tramworks end: Evening News: 11/09/13

Leith Video: Public Art on Leith Walk from Leith Late: Edinburgh Reporter: 11/09/13

Review: Sunshine on Leith at the Toronto Film Festival: The Telegraph: 11/09/13

Edinburgh (Leith) pupils are first to wear Fairtrade school uniforms: Daily Record: 11/09/13

Leith Athletic beat Tynecastle on Meadowbank 3G: Evening News: 10/09/13

The Proclaimers bring 'Sunshine on Leith' to TIFF (with video interview): Global News: 09/09/13

Football (Leith Athletic) coaches stopped from showering with U-17s: Evening News: 09/09/13

Hibs abolish booking fees for online sales of tickets: Football Network: 09/09/13

Brewers steer a course back to Leith: The Scotsman: 07/09/13

Hibee history: Deek (Derek Riordan) floors Inverness: Evening News: 07/09/13

Sunshine on Leith film set for Edinburgh premiere: The Scotsman: 06/09/13

Video trailer preview for Sunshine on Leith musical: Edinburgh Guide: 06/09/13

Leith and Tynecastle tipped to serve up a treat: Evening News: 06/09/13

Edinburgh tram works completed along York Place: Global Rail News: 05/09/13

Heart(s) in Leith - Opinion piece: Edinburgh Reporter: 05/09/13

Edinburgh trams: York Place to reopen a year after closing to traffic: STV Edinburgh: 05/09/13

Hibernian debut excites Abdellah Zoubir after he scores in friendly: STV Edinburgh: 04/09/13

Border Biscuits unveils new campaign with the Leith Agency: The Drum: 03/09/13

100 Weeks of Scotland: The Edinburgh (Leith) Mela: The Scotsman: 02/09/13

Edinburgh's dirtiest streets revealed: Evening News: 02/09/13

Michael Weir: Hibs must make home a fortress: Evening News: 02/09/13

Edinburgh Mela cancelled due to high winds: The Scotsman: 02/09/13