Leith News: May 2012:

Pupils flock to protest: The Scotsman: 31/05/12

MS Marco Polo back in Leith: Edinburgh Reporter: 31/05/12

Bulldog attacked four at Leith tower block before being put down: STV News: 31/05/12

Brittania leaves Leith bound for crucial place in Jubilee: Edinburgh Reporter: 31/05/12

I'd rather be facing Van Persie than lying on a beach: McPake: Belfast Telegraph: 31/05/12

Constitution Street traffic is a nightmare: Edinburgh Reporter: 30/05/12

The artists' trail: Leith Late 2012: The Skinny: 30/05/12

Music review: Tanahill Weavers, Victoria Park House Hotel: Evening News: 30/05/12

Indian chef role is all in a day's Wark: Evening News: 30/05/12

Five things - What's your vision for Leith Walk?: Edinburgh Reporter: 29/05/12

Colonies plan for notorious Leith tower block: Evening News: 28/05/12

Young home buyers seek urban route - Leith is favourite: Scotland on Sunday: 27/05/12

What's your vision for Leith Walk?: Greener Leith: 27/05/12

Police catch Dr Dolittle with 39 animals in crowded flat: Evening News: 26/05/12

Three Scottish cities draw young professionals buying property: BBC News: 26/05/12

Leith's one-night arts festival expanding to 16 venues: The Scotsman: 25/05/12

Water of Leith boardwalk plan floated for The Shore: STV Edinburgh: 24/05/12

Stalker's 20 year ban from going near woman: The Scotsman: 24/05/12

First aid has failed, now Fenlon has to implement full surgery: Sport Scotsman: 23/05/12

Modern sites join historic buildings for open door event: Evening News: 21/05/12

2012 Cruising season launched in Leith: Edinburgh Reporter: 21/05/12

Letters: More trams, please: The Scotsman: 21/05/12

Leith Central Community Council writes to West-minster over VAT changes: Greener Leith: 20/05/12

Pressure on Forth Ports to commit funds for Leith docks upgrade: Herald Scotland: 20/05/12

Real nappy world record smashed in Leith: Greener Leith: 19/05/12

Hibernian 1 - 5 Hearts: Full match report: The Telegraph: 19/05/12

Fenlon can bring life to Hibernian harp again: Irish Times: 19/05/12

Group gives details of Waterworld cost-savings plan: The Scotsman: 19/05/12

Jamie Oliver's arrival on to city restaurant scene is turnin up heat: Lifeystyle Scotsman: 18/05/12

Leith band The Proclaimers keep on keeping on: The National: 17/05/12

Rule Britannia: Life on board the royal yacht berthed in Leith: Lifestyle Scotsman: 17/05/12

Leith MSP Malcolm Chisolm praises city coalition deal: Greener Leith: 16/05/12

Win Hibs tickets to the Scottish Cup Final: Sport Scotsman: 16/05/12

Hardest job in politics: Lesley Hinds takes charge of Edinburgh trams: The Scotsman: 15/05/12

Missing out Leith in bus parade would ruin a great tradition: Daily Record: 16/05/12

Proclamation of excellence for Leith band The Proclaimers: The Scotsman: 15/05/12

Leith pubs gear up for the Scottish Cup Final: STV Local: 15/05/12

Edinburgh North and Leith MP Lazarowicz slams delay on projects: The Scotsman: 14/05/12

Cup banner fitting tribute fo fan who lost cancer battle: The Scotsman: 14/05/12

Leith Waterworld survey - local campaigners need your help!: Greener Leith: 13/05/12

Local anarchists invest in creative Leith Walk advertising slogans: Greener Leith: 13/05/12

Inverness CT 2 - 0 Hibernian: Full match report with video highlights: BBC Sport: 12/05/12

Fenlon relishes his rebuilding role at Hibernian FC: Independent IE: 13/05/12

Moggy left soggy and groggy from drink in the boggy: The Scotsman: 12/05/12

The beauty of short films and why they've found a home in the capital: STV News: 12/05/12

Leith Festival back from the brink with full ten-day programme: The Scotsman: 12/05/12

Fenlon escapes to Dublin to do final groundwork: Herald IE: 12/05/12

Council faces parents revolt over school closures review: The Scotsman: 11/05/12

No tram line to Leith for at least 5 years: The Scotsman: 10/05/12

Edinburgh trams: City faces three-year wait for answers to debacle: The Scotsman: 10/05/12

Hibernian's' captain James McPake still in the dark over future: Sport Scotsman: 10/05/12

Port of Leith Housing Association to build over 500 new homes: dash.com: 09/05/12

Prince Charles serves up food for thought in Leith: Herald Scotland: 09/05/12

Spring birds around Leith: New nature blog by Leither: Greener Leith: 09/05/12

Mark up and saddle up: Police bike-marking events in Leith: The Scotsman: 09/05/12

The Proclaimers, like comedy, (Cooking Vinyl): Herald Scotland: 09/05/12

Sellers facing tough time as property market stalls: The Scotsman: 08/05/12

Hibernian 4 - 0 Dunfermline: Full match report with video: BBC Sport: 07/05/12

Highland dress makes chef Kitchin the toast of No 10: The Scotsman: 07/05/12

Francomb: Hibs Pars clash will be tense: Yahoo Eurosport: 07/05/12

Leith wave power firm Pelamis to reveal partner: The Scotsman: 06/05/12

Labour and Greens gain in Leith wards: Greener Leith: 05/05/12

Bus firm adds Leith tour app: The Scotsman: 05/05/12

Leith: SNP's ex-Deputy Provost in hunt for new job after defeat: The Scotsman: 04/05/12

Leith Walk cycling: It's a nightmare: Greener Leith: 04/05/12

Funeral director is in fine fettle with new Leith office: The Scotsman: 04/05/12

The story of the fairy boy of Leith who loved to drum: STV Local: 04/05/12

Is city change on the polling cards (scroll down for Leither opinion) this election?: STV Local: 04/05/12

Pat Fenlon: Hibs' league win beats cup semi: Herald IE: 03/05/12

Michael toes the party line: The Scotsman: 03/05/12

Poll reveals Edinburgh tram anger: Deadline News: 03/05/12

Aberdeen 1 - 2 Hibernian: Full match report: BBC Sport: 03/05/12

Claim welfare reforms drove writer Paul Reekie to suicide: The Scotsman: 03/05/12

Leith gay bar eyes new owner deal: The Scotsman: 03/05/12

Scots children drinking less fizz (with video of Leith school students' interviews): BBC News: 02/05/12

Hibs' Brown happy to be in the middle of it: Yahoo Sport: 02/05/12

Trinity primary joins forces with Tanzanian school to further understanding: Lifestyle Scotsman: 01/05/12

Trajic poet from Leith serves as a warning to Holyrood: The Scotsman: 01/05/12

Mum keeps her sports car after son caught drink-driving: The Scotsman: 01/05/12

Leith students plan permanent tribute after teacher dies: The Scotsman: 01/05/12

Free walking tour of historic Leith available for download: Greener Leith: 30/04/12

Leith focus on display - photographic exhibition of Leith: The Scotsman: 30/04/12

Leithers pedal on parliament to call for safer cycling: Greener Leith: 30/04/12

Tram project in worse state than ever, claim engineers: The Scotsman: 30/04/12

Portobello and Leith Community Wind Turbine hits stumbling block: Greener Leith: 29/04/12

Hibs' Pat Fenlon questions penalty denial in Paisley defeat: BBC Sport: 29/04/12

Students lay on a FEAST for food fans with famous Leith chef Tony Borthwick: STV Local: 29/04/12

Firms hit by Edinburgh tram works claim for lost revenue: Herald Scotland: 28/04/12

Man charged with murder of Pole in Leith: The Scotsman: 28/04/12

Securing SPL safety is only goal on McPake's horizon at present: Sport Scotsman: 28/04/12

Fifty years after rail track fell silent, trams offer new lease of life: The Scotsman: 27/04/12

Scottish Cup final countdown: Capital heroes No 7 - Alan Gordon: Sport Scotsman: 26/04/12

Interview: Irvine Welsh on Trainspotting prequel Skagboys: The List: 25/04/12

Capital invite for Suu Kyi from Edinburgh North and Leith MP Lazarowicz: Evening News: 25/04/12

Swimming with the Dolphins: Herald Scotland: 25/04/12

Leith waterfront plans in tatters as projects are put on hold: Daily Record: 24/04/12

Hanlon urges 'unplayable' Griffiths to save Hibs before ban kicks in: Sports Scotsman: 24/04/12

Biomass subsidies protest in Scotland (Leith involved): Bioenergy News: 23/04/12

Leith port regeneration projects ditched as focus switches to renewables: The Scotsman: 23/04/12

Waterfront flats to be sold in bargain £8m bulk sale: Herald Scotland: 23/04/12

Extra building for Bigmouthmedia as client list grows: Business Scotsman: 22/04/12

Scottish Cup Final: Hearts and Hibs fans face fight for tickets: Sport Scotsman: 21/04/12

Big biomass fears prompt Leithers to keep up campaign: Greener Leith: 20/04/12

Trust raises curtain on plans to revive neglected Leith Theatre: Evening News: 20/04/12

Ancient defences of Leith unearthed: Evening News: 20/04/12

Pedal on Parliament Leith feeder ride: Greener Leith: 20/04/12

Anti-biomass campaigners lobby Scottish government: The Scotsman: 20/04/12

500 years of Leith history revealed as archaeologists unearth port defences (with video): STV Local: 19/04/12

Internet campaign launched in Leith to tackle cyber bullying: Deadline News: 19/04/12

Class of '73 would have nothing on final win: Herald Scotland: 19/04/12

Council chiefs broke law over 'shredded' tram files: The Scotsman: 19/04/12

Community councils to postpone elections for year: Evening News: 18/04/12

Is it time to start city on another tram adventure?: The Scotsman: 18/04/12

Strike pairing can be the difference for Hibernian: STV Local: 18/04/12

Scottish council elections: Lib Dems to maintain Edinburgh trams: The Scotsman: 18/04/12

Hibs icon Macnamara: McPake can lead us to Scottish Cup glory: Daily Record: 18/04/12

Manifesto for Edinburgh trams to Leith: Edinburgh Guide: 17/04/12

Campaigners planning biomass protest outside Scottish Parliament: The Courier: 17/04/12

In pictures: Blaze in Leith pub: Deadline News: 17/04/12

Leith Walk fire brings street to a standstill: Greener Leith: 17/04/12

Irvine Welsh: Wanting to be famous is the most revolting thing in the world: Metro: 17/04/12

Great Junction Street bridge repairs to get underway: Greener Leith: 16/04/12

Sproule: 'Luck of the Irish' can end Cup hoodoo for Hibs: Herald IE: 16/04/12

Leith's hidden treasure getting ship shape for summer launch: STV Local: 16/04/12

Capital's clubs set up a historic cup final: The Scotsman: 16/04/12

Skagboys by Irvine Welsh - review: The Observer: 15/04/12

Forth Ports chief says £125m wind turbine plant 'will redefine Leith': Scotland on Sunday: 15/04/12

Nostalgia: History of healing at Leith hospital: Evening News: 14/04/12

Scottish Cup semi-final: Aberdeen 1 - 2 Hibernian: Sport Scotsman: 14/04/12

Ivan Sproule hopes to be on the way from misery to happiness today: Sport Scotsman: 14/04/12

Trying to get Conservation Area Status for Pilrig: Greener Leith: 13/04/12

Tram bosses defend York Place 'temporary' stop bid: The Scotsman: 13/04/12

Opinion: Only way for Edinburgh to move forward is to embrace the trams: The Scotsman: 12/04/12

Book review: Skagboys by Irvine Welsh: The Guardian: 11/04/12

Reggae star Finley Quaye in Leith assault charge: BBC News: 11/04/12

Tax breaks to lure firms to Capital's enterprise zones: Evening News: 11/04/12

Development land in Leith on market: Evening News: 11/04/12

Hibs players must grab chance to become legends by reaching Hampden final: Daily Record: 11/04/12

Leithers asked to help save historic lamp posts: Greener Leith: 10/04/12

Pupils take a healthy interest in Leith's past: Evening News: 10/04/12

Real Lives: Musical tribute to a Kind of the jazz and folk scene: Evening News: 10/04/12

Paralysed man is fundraising for stem cell treatment to help him walk again: Deadline News: 10/04/12

Filespotting: Irvine Welsh nearly lost new novel in Amstrad disks: Deadline News: 09/04/12

Businessman gets in saddle to raise illnesss awareness: Evening News: 09/04/12

Hibs 1 - 1 Motherwell: Late Law goal grabs share of the spoils for 'Well: The Scotsman: 09/04/12

FEAST 2012: Festival headliner Tony Borthwick offers recipe advice: STV Local: 07/04/12

Governor Hunter's early portrait of a colony: The Australian: 07/04/12

Robbing duo punch victim on head then steal mobile: The Scotsman: 07/04/12

Why Irvine Welsh's Leith chose life: The Telegraph: 05/04/12

Wanted man arrested in Edinburgh five days after he went missing: STV Local: 05/04/12

In thrall to Leith's lost boys: Evening Standard: 05/04/12

Music review: Rachel Harrington & The Knockouts, Leith Folk Club: Herald Scotland: 05/04/12

Pensioner robbed of four-figure sum in 'terrifying' attack: STV Local: 04/04/12

Stevenson wants cheers not jeers for Hibs fans: Daily Express: 04/04/12

Households given postcards in latest move against Seafield Stench: Evening News: 02/04/12

Edinburgh stores occupied to oppose slave labour schemes: Indy Media: 02/04/12

Capital churches fight back against the metal thieves: Evening News: 02/04/12

Hibs winger Ivan Sproule says poor season can end on high: BBC Sport: 02/04/12

Out of the blocks, past Leith Docks: The Scotsman: 02/04/12

Path link from Leith to Portobello well underway: Greener Leith: 01/04/12

First tram down Leith Walk to be pedal powered protest tram: Greener Leith: 01/04/12

Inverness CT 2- 3 Hibernian - Full match report: BBC Sport: 01/04/12