Leith News: October 2011:

Public to meet over council plans to privatise services: STV Edinburgh: 31/10/11

Man jailed for attempted murder over Cable Wynd assault: BBC News: 31/10/11

John Gibson: Statue of John Rattray on Leith Links: Evening News: 31/10/11

Hibs shape up after midweek mauling: Herald Scotland: 31/10/11

Race on to grab slice of renewables work but who'll be the winners?: Business Scotsman: 30/10/11

Call for gagging orders on tram staff over severance to be lifted: Herald Scotland: 30/10/11

Coalition torn apart as Lib Dems prepare to pull plug: Evening News: 29/10/11

Capital coalition on the brink over privatisation: The Scotsman: 29/10/11

Hospital play brings memories to life in Leith: STV Edinburgh: 29/10/11

Dog rescue shelters are filling up as unwanted pets fall victim to recession: Daily Record: 29/10/11

Victim kicked by muggers as he lay on the ground: Evening News: 29/10/11

Celtic 0 - 0 Hibernian: Full match report: RTE Sport: 29/10/11

Edinburgh's first Gaelic school gets go-ahead in Leith: Edinburgh Guide: 27/10/11

Leith Walk to return to normal after works (in six months): The Scotsman: 27/10/11

Parents 'no chance' of school placement requests outwith area: STV News: 27/10/11

Leith Hospital book launch expected to be a crowded affair: STV Edinburgh: 27/10/11

Council to restore damage to Leith Walk: Herald Scotland: 27/10/11

City of Edinburgh Council debates outsourcing plans and gaelic schools: STV Edinburgh: 26/10/11

City landed with £5m bill to fill gap in TIE pensions: The Scotsman: 26/10/11

Hibernian 1 - 4 Celtic: Full match report: BBC Sport: 26/10/11

Preview: Hibernian V Celtic: Setanta: 26/10/11

City faces legal questions over privatisation row: The Scotsman: 25/10/11

Memories of Leith Hospital book launch: STV Edinburgh: 25/10/11

Tribute to golfing great of Leith knocked into rough: The Scotsman: 25/10/11

Indoor paintball arena to be 'make or break' for Edinburgh entrepreneur: STV Edinburgh: 25/10/11

Guide dog savaged in Bull Terrier attack in Leith: Dream Dogs: 24/10/11

Pride aim for Edinburgh Tram project: The Scotsman: 22/10/11

Subsidies move from wind to water as tide turns on renewable energy: The Scotsman: 22/10/11

St Mirren 2 - 3 Hibernian: Full match report: BBC Sport: 22/10/11

Power firm under attack for leaving Leith homes without energy: The Scotsman: 22/10/11

Edinburgh tram contractors plan infrastructure trust: CityWire: 21/10/11

Leith Academy pupils vying o be credit to their school: STV Edinburgh: 20/10/11

Reward for brownfield housing plan in Leith: The Scotsman: 20/10/11

Gina Davidson: Gaelic school is just more vanity: The Scotsman: 20/10/11

£7m more cuts on the way to pay Edinburgh tram debt: Evening News: 20/10/11

Stanwell nursery in Leith to unveil calendar: STV Edinburgh: 19/10/11

Impressive Leith Whites are five alive as they eclipse Youg Stars: Sport Scotsman: 19/10/11

£900,000 loss down to cup defeats and recession, say Hibs: Herald Scotland: 19/10/11

Edinburgh Sketcher: Mysterious house in Leith: STV Edinburgh: 19/10/11

Edinburgh Trams - Milestone short of a champagne moment: The Scotsman: 18/10/11

Sailing into royal history: Britannia in Leith: ABC.net: 18/10/11

At last a tram... an it's late, of course: The Scotsman: 18/10/11

Colin Calderwood can't celebrate his Hibs anniversary: Daily Express: 18/10/11

Shock, grief, guilt and joy: raising a child with Down's Syndrome: Herald Scotland: 17/10/11

Leith FM celebrates new broadcast license: STV Edinburgh: 15/10/11

Hibernian 0 - 1 Motherwell: Full match report: BBC Sport: 15/10/11

Get out and play in streets again, children urged (old photo of Leith): The Scotsman: 14/10/11

Calderwood praises Brown for easing his pressure: Daily Express: 14/10/11

Gina Davidson: Incompetence is not an excuse (Edinburgh Trams): The Scotsman: 13/10/11

Councillors suppress report on privatisation plans: Herald Scotland: 13/10/11

TIE's replacement to cost city £8000 a day: Evening News: 13/10/11

Let's focus on delivering capital's trams (Opinion): The Scotsman: 13/10/11

Author recalls the triumph of Hibs at Millenium Derby: STV Edinburgh: 12/10/11

Wright rues bogeys as Kerr takes charge at Gleneagles: Sport Scotsman: 12/10/11

Woman attacked as she walked home from night out: The Scotsman: 12/10/11

Leith man takes on extreme challenge for charity: STV Edinburgh: 12/10/11

We dug ourselves into a hole over trams fiasco, admits senior official: The Scotsman: 12/10/11

Happy Howden was a heavy hitter on the comedy club circuit: Evening News: 12/10/11

Comeback kings are lifting Hibs: Sport Scotsman: 12/10/11

Dunedin Canmore powers towards energy-efficient future: STV Edinburgh: 11/10/11

Drummond Community High School celebrates most gifted pupil ever: STV Edinburgh: 11/10/11

Edinburgh Trams: Half a line at double the price: BBC News: 11/10/11

Coastguard issues warning after Forth canoeist (Leither) dies: Herald Scotland: 11/10/11

Edinburgh trams: "A Streetcar Named Desire": Edinburgh Guide: 11/10/11

Hibernian history captured by local author (with video): STV Edinburgh: 10/10/11

They've chosen the wrong route for trams, claims professor: The Scotsman: 10/10/11

Help on offer to Edinburgh motorists keen to cut fuel bills: STV Edinburgh: 10/10/11

Community-owned wind turbine backed: The Scotsman: 10/10/11

Forth Ports shifts focus to renewables: Financial Times: 09/10/11

Assurances from tram firm were rubbish, says Swinney: BBC News: 09/10/11

Chicken beds cause fowl smell: The Scotsman: 08/10/11

Golf: Gareth feels he has Wright stuff for Gleneagles title bid: Sports Scotsman: 08/10/11

Lothians MSP piles on the pressure for Edinburgh Tram inquiry: STV Edinburgh: 07/10/11

Hibernian's O'Connor escapes diving ban: Tribal Football: 07/10/11

Hibernian firepower is secret to success: Daily Express: 06/10/11

Gas pipe thief nearly blew up his own flat: The Scotsman: 05/10/11

Environmental charity secures Scottish Government loan for wind turbine: STV Edinburgh: 05/10/11

How did our trams go so far off the rails?: The Scotsman: 05/10/11

Trainer mauled trying to protect her guide dog: The Scotsman: 05/10/11

Edinburgh Trams: council admits it was wrong and pays £66m to contractors: The Scotsman: 05/10/11

Background: How a 'potent fluid, which glued lips' proved a winning formula: The Scotsman: 05/10/11

SPL Fanzone: Hibernian: Sport Scotsman: 05/10/11

Daniel tunes up for finals: The Scotsman: 04/10/11

Guide dog traumatised by terrier's savage attack: The Scotsman: 04/10/11

Scots legal first as couple jailed for human trafficking: Herald Scotland: 04/10/11

Renewables plan may force city to OK green belt homes: The Scotsman: 03/10/11

Garage fire that spread to neighbouring flats 'started deliberately': STV Edinburgh: 03/10/11

Anger at pub pole dancing girls, 16: The Scotsman: 03/10/11

Hibernian contest Garry O'Connor two game ban: Full match report: BBC Sport: 03/10/11

CHP plants (one in Leith) could create renewable heat industry: The Scotsman: 03/10/11

Barfly: Money men to take the stage in Leith: Scotland on Sunday: 02/10/11

Learn to swim on Sunday with Olympian Steve Parry at Leith Academy: Evening News: 01/10/11

Six years for 'total weirdo' with sick blaze obsession: The Scotsman: 01/10/11

Rangers 1 - 0 Hibernian: Full match report: BBC Sport: 01/10/11

Inventive Scot moved trees in 1820s: Financial Times: 01/10/11