Leith News: January 2011:

Edinburgh today: party flats, tree planting and Granny Greens move: Guardian Edinburgh: 31/01/10

Dundee United 3 - 0 Hibernian: Match report with video highlights: BBC Sport: 30/01/10

Health chiefs air biomass plant fears: Evening News: 28/01/11

Edinburgh today: Leith survey, The Waterboys and Cremola Foam: Guardian Edinburgh: 28/01/11

MP welcomes idea of Green Investment Bank in Capital: Evening News: 28/01/11

Liverpool's Palsson joins Hibs as Zemmama nears exit: BBC Sport: 28/01/10

Anne's still going strong at the ripe old age of 102: Evening News: 28/01/10

Audit questions city management of trams project: The Scotsman: 27/01/11

All aboard for a special screening of Trainspotting: Evening News: 27/01/11

Meeting to give public power over Leith biomass plant: Evening News: 25/01/11

Death of notorious murderer Donald Forbes investigated: STV News: 25/01/10

Hibernian V Rangers: Team news ahead of the match: BBC Sport: 25/01/10

Audio: Vic Galloway on Edinburgh's local bands: Guardian Edinburgh: 25/01/11

Winter keeps Welth writing: Times of India: 25/01/11

Tram bosses seal deal with contractor after secret talks: The Scotsman: 24/01/11

Catch 22 situation over tram funding 'breaches': Herald Scotland: 24/01/10

Leith Athletic eyes on promotion: Sport Scotsman: 24/01/10

Dig in and enjoy the pleasure of growing your own compost: Evening News: 22/01/11

Motherwell 2 - 0 Hibernian: Full match report: BBC Sport: 22/01/11

Changing room chat: Spector of Petrie hangs over Leith: Sport Scotsman: 21/01/11

Shop renovations and fresh tenants to give Leith a boost: The Scotsman: 20/01/10

Boxing: Leith Victoria's Simmons goes pro with Warren: Evening News: 20/01/10

New fees planned for public use of Edinburgh school sports facilities: Guardian Edinburgh: 20/01/11

Scottish Cup: Ayr United 1 - 0 Hibernian: Daily Record: 19/01/11

John Gibson: So where to go now for Pamela?: The Scotsman: 18/01/11

Poll result: Alex Salmond on trams: Guardian Edinburgh: 18/01/10

Shark lawyer freed from jail after just 12 months: The Scotsman: 18/01/10

Radio station (Leith FM) in re-tuning moves to new offices: The Scotsman: 17/01/11

Trams mediation to complete 'by mid-March': Edinburgh Guide: 17/01/11

Ayr 1 - 0 Hibernian: Match report (Scottish Cup): BBC Sport: 17/01/11

Syrian refugee wins battle to stay in Scotland: The Scotsman: 16/01/10

Otter spotting (at Leith docks) starts the year: The Scotsman: 16/01/10

Hibernian 0 - 3 Celtic: Team news ahead of the match: BBC Sport: 15/01/11

Former teacher jailed for stealing from Leith bar: Evening News: 14/01/11

Bid to block biomass plan: The Scotsman: 13/01/11

Tram talks off until March: Evening News: 13/01/10

Knitters wanted... to make jumpers for trees: The Scotsman: 13/01/10

Business as usual for refs says Hibs manager Calderwood: BBC Sport: 13/01/11

City throws its weight behind 'Mr Judo' with top award: The Scotsman: 13/01/11

'Fearless' new city council chief pledges to deliver trams project: Herald Scotland: 13/01/11

Edinburgh restaurant Cafe Marlayne relocates second branch to Leith Walk: The List: 12/01/10

Hibs defender Jonathon Grounds returns to Middlesbrough after loan: Daily Record: 12/01/10

Poll: Is Alex Salmond right about Edinburgh Trams?: Guardian Edinburgh: 12/01/11

Project gets in tune with women's lives: The Scotsman: 11/01/11

Trams firm bosses 'earn more than First Minister: The Scotsman: 10/01/11

Bins still unemptied over two weeks since Christmas: The Scotsman: 10/01/10

Time to curb costs and end tram dispute: Herald Scotland: 10/01/10

Hibs failings put the chairman in spotlight: Sport Scotsman: 10/01/11

Scotland and China celebrate a £6.4m green energy deal: Herald Scotland: 10/01/11

Chinese delegation at energy talks (and also visiting Leith): Newmarket Journal: 09/01/11

Hibernian 0 - 0 Ayr: Scottish Cup match report: BBC Sport: 08/01/10

Seven taken to hospital after blaze in Leith tenement: The Scotsman: 08/01/10

Lari casts a spell on dyslexic girls with 'lost' tale: The Scotsman: 08/01/11

Royal Mail pledges to deliver backlog 'within a week': The Scotsman: 08/01/11

Edinburgh's tram tracks need repairs... Before they have even been used: Daily Record: 07/01/11

Power cut leaves the lights out over Leith: The Scotsman: 07/01/10

Colin Calderwood looks for cup launchpad: Sport Scotsman: 07/01/10

The proposition: We need a new national anthem: The Skinny: 06/01/11

It's another fine mess as sewage blamed on trams: The Scotsman: 06/01/11

Trams running in 2011 (for 880 yards, that is): The Scotsman: 05/01/11

Selling Bamba to Leicester a good move says Hibernian boss: Tribal Football: 05/01/10

Somerville wants more honesty over trams: The Scotsman: 04/01/10

Life-changing funds are a vital lifeline to communities: Herald Scotland: 04/01/11

Many wounds in derby pitch battle: Sport Scotsman: 03/01/11

Developers rush to team up with city in affordable housing scheme: The Scotsman: 03/01/11

Hearts win honours as final touch deserts Hibernian: Sports Scotsman: 03/01/10

Letters: Many reasons why Capital still depends on the buses: The Scotsman: 03/01/10

Calderwood sees Hibernian improvement despite defeat: BBC Sport: 01/01/11