Leith News: February 2011:

Leithers shut out of talks on £84m Waterfront future: The Scotsman: 28/02/11

Death of man found in lift in Leith investigated: BBC News: 28/02/11

Letter: Trams end game: The Scotsman: 28/02/11

Police probe 'suspicious' deaths of three men: The Scotsman: 28/02/10

Hibernian 2 - 0 Inverness CT: Match report with video highlights: BBC Sport: 26/02/10

Graham Stack's hand in glove with revitalised Hibs: Sport Scotsman: 25/02/11

Leith councillors struggle to find supporters of biomass plant: Guardian Edinburgh: 24/02/11

TIE admits end date for tram project is still unknown: The Scotsman: 24/02/11

Tram contract was deemed fit for purpose by legal firm: The Scotsman: 24/02/10

Man left dangling from railings for almost an hour after taking a 'short cut': STV News: 23/02/10

Edinburgh trams workshops star with a sceptical audience: Edinburgh Guide: 23/02/11

Council quizzed over costs on tram project: Press Association: 23/02/11

SPL Fanzone: Hibernian: Sport Scotsman: 23/02/11

Trams facing land delays: Evening News: 22/02/10

Leith ballerina moves into dance music: Living Scotsman: 22/02/10

Good samaritan punched as he helped couple under attack: STV News: 22/02/11

Heritage experts promised city will crack down on high-rise buildings: The Scotsman: 22/02/11

Leith band show the golden touch with Razorlight gig signing: The Scotsman: 21/02/11

Trams and harbour 'vital' to growing city economy: The Scotsman: 21/02/10

Graham Stack wants to say as Hibernian's number one: Sport STV: 21/02/10

Council given extra time to buy land for trams: STV News: 21/02/11

Residents win fume test row caused by Edinburgh tram plan: Herald Scotland: 21/02/11

St Mirren 0 - 1 Hibs: Dickoh helps resurgent Hibs take huge leap towards safety: Sport Scotsman: 21/02/11

Edinburgh tram dispute could be settled by election: Herald Scotland: 19/02/10

St Mirren V Hibernian: Keeper Stack says calm as he waits for Hibs rotation wheel to stop turning: Sports Scotsman: 19/02/10

MSPs sign up for biomass plants probe: The Scotsman: 18/02/11

Failed robber was almost hit by a bus as he fled in Leith: STV News: 18/02/11

Double boost for Hibs as Francis Dickoh wins red card appeal and Danny Galbraith wins new deal: Daily Record: 17/02/11

Capital trams could be leased to other cities: The Scotsman: 17/02/10

Modern day Leith is now home to Michellin-starred restaurants: The List: 16/02/10

City admits tram project is a PR disaster: Evening News: 16/02/11

Hibs keeper Stack back to his best: Sport Scotsman: 16/02/11

Biomass Leith letter: Depressing view: The Scotsman: 16/02/11

Renewal Britannia - tourist attraction forced to close for £100,00 makeover: The Scotsman: 16/02/10

SPL Fanzone: Hibernian: Sport Scotsman: 16/02/10

Waterfront regeneration: Newhaven, Leith: Guardian Edinburgh: 15/02/11

John Gibson: Michelle's not so loopy in Leith: The Scotsman: 15/02/11

Calderwood: Return to winning ways result of hard graft: Herald Scotland: 15/02/11

Ambitious plans to revitalise docklands will be streets ahead: The Scotsman: 15/02/10

Apprentices could help restore tug behind Nessie claims: BBC News: 15/02/10

Sodje loving life at Hibs: Telegraph Online: 14/02/11

Parenting: luxury is the hallmark of the former Royal Yacht now berthed in Leith: The Scotsman: 14/02/11

Hibernian 2 - 1 Kilmarnock: Full match report with video: BBC Sport: 13/02/11

Demo targets Leith biomass plant: The Scotsman: 11/02/10

Scots (Leith) travel agent sells tickets for space flight (with video): STV News: 11/02/10

Tram project chief admits concern over management: Herald Scotland: 11/02/11

Biomass plant could stall overhaul: The Scotsman: 11/02/11

Publisher expands Leith operation: Business Scotsman: 11/02/11

Angry exchanges at Leith biomass meeting: Guardian Edinburgh: 10/02/10

Bid to clean up the Walk (Leith Walk, that is): The Scotsman: 10/02/10

Trams fiasco: these things happen all the time, claims new chairman: The Scotsman: 10/02/11

Gray makes energy vow: The Scotsman: 09/02/11

New exhibition show different side to Scottish artists: STV News: 09/02/11

Campaigners paint a picture of 'monster' biomass plant: The Scotsman: 08/02/10

Biomass plant - 'If it should go ahead Leith is the wrong place': The Scotsman: 08/02/10

New massage parlour sparks 'red light' Easter Road fears: The Scotsman: 08/02/11

Hibernian: Calderwood signings edge Hibs to safety: Sport Scotsman: 07/02/11

Edinburgh Trams letter: Called to account: The Scotsman: 07/02/11

Tram report 'watered down': Herald Scotland: 05/02/10

Paolozzi mural unveiled at Edinburgh (Leith) school: STV News: 04/02/10

Edinburgh tram project 'to go over budget': Planning Resource: 04/02/11

Government steps in to get trams moving: The Scotsman: 04/02/11

Pupils lap up Tom Kitchin's masterclass in cooking: The Scotsman: 04/02/10

We're building a 25ft Chinese dragon... no strings attached: The Scotsman: 03/02/10

It's your money so get a grip on trams, ministers told: The Scotsman: 03/02/11

Hibs 2 - 0 St. Mirren: Relief as Hibs end their barren run: Sport Scotsman: 03/02/11

£545 million trams project 'may never be finished': The Telegraph: 02/02/10

Drugs haul found after three raids across Edinburgh (including Leith): STV News: 02/02/10

Edinburgh today: Library events, biomass on Google Earth and tram audit leaked: Guardian Edinburgh: 02/02/11

Fanzone: Hibernian: Sport Scotsman: 02/02/11

Man jailed for 'brutal and sadistic' rape: STV News: 01/02/11

Bring out yer scams, urges council: Edinburgh Guide: 01/02/10

Council yet to decide on Biomass site: The Scotsman: 01/02/10

Biomass plant could kick-start 40 years of development in Leith: Guardian Edinburgh: 01/02/11

Akpo Sodje in at Hibs while Edwin de Graaf goes on loan: BBC Sport: 01/02/11