Leith News: June 2010:

Tram bosses deny online rumours the project will be scrapped: STV News: 30/06/10

Pensioner fights off car-jacker in Leith: Deadline Pres and Picture: 30/06/10

Scottish corporates exhibit taste for exoticism at Amani restaurant in Leith: UKPRwire: 30/06/10

Capital crime map plots big differences in clear-up rates (big in Leith): The Scotsman: 30/06/10

Scots jobs 'at risk' as fears grow over biomass plants' appetite for wood: The Scotsman: 29/06/10

Restaurant review: Chop Chop, Commercial Street, Leith: Scotland on Sunday: 29/06/10

Record numbers set to descend on Mela: Herald Scotland: 28/06/10

Hibs' new sgining De Graaf looking forward to Euro test - Video interview: BBC Sport: 28/06/10

Gala day disturbances debated at Leith Links Community Council: Guardian Edinburgh: 28/06/10

Old school tribute plan for Paolozzi: The Scotsman: 28/06/10

Zacats return to Ocean Terminal: All Media Scotland: 28/06/10

Residents led to safety as blaze ravages flats in Leith: The Scotsman: 28/06/10

Audit watchdogs to pursue Transport Scotland over £250m trams payment: Herald Scotland: 26/06/10

Leith Athletic bowled over by win: Evening News: 26/06/10

Trams referendum plan is rejected as Edinburgh councillors press on: The Scotsman: 25/06/10

Man released over alleged Leith street rape: BBC News: 25/06/10

Woodchip row fuels debate over 'green' credentials of Hunterston power plant: The Scotsman: 25/06/10

Dance Base's new studio (here in Leith!): The List: 24/06/10

'Special' Edinburgh tram meeting voted out: BBC News: 24/06/10

Evening News tram report provokes strenuous denials: Guardian Edinburgh: 23/06/10

Celtic linked with move for Hibs hotshot Anthony Stokes: STV News: 23/06/10

Breakfast bike ride on menu (in Leith on Friday): The Scotsman: 23/06/10

All-conquering Leith Athletic add Royal Cup to cabinet: Sport Scotsman: 23/06/10

Man arrested over Leith street rape: BBC News: 23/06/10

Gormley bares all for sake of secret river art: Herald Scotland: 23/06/10

Makalamby accuses Hibs of refusing to play him: Sport Scotsman: 23/06/10

Leith hotel boss admits £80k scam: Deadline Press and Picture: 22/06/10

Holyrood U-turn in battle to use 'Junction' name: The Scotsman: 22/06/10

Gordon Burges finds new members for Leith Business Association: The Scotsman: 22/06/10

Theatre review: The Legacy, We are Spartaki!: The Scotsman: 22/06/10

Edinburgh today - trams analysis, protest plans and more: Guardian Edinburgh: 21/06/10

Slideshow - Leith School of Art end of year exhibition: Guardian Edinburgh: 21/06/10

Concern for Hibs as Sol Bamba is again left out by Ivory Coast: Sport Scotsman: 21/06/10

Tide turns against docks plan to branch out into wood power (Biomass): Herald Scotland: 20/06/10

Leith fightback in goalfest to win cup with lucky 13th: Sport Scotsman: 20/06/10

Call to ditch Edinburgh tram project: BBC News: 19/06/10

All pain no gain for companies if tram route is cut short: The Scotsman: 19/06/10

Edinburgh trams project 'may borrow £55m': BBC News: 18/06/10

Gig review: Mackinnon/MacColl/MacPherson at The Village: The Scotsman: 18/06/10

Heaven's scent is what you make it: Herald Scotland: 18/06/10

Soaring costs may force Edinburgh tram line to be cut short: The Scotsman: 18/06/10

Boozy night to remember for Hibs star: Sport Scotsman: 17/06/10

Pilot plan for Dance Base in Leith: Edinburgh Guide: 16/06/10

Cyclist hit-and-run mystery appeal: BBC News: 16/06/10

Mela festival links up with new home on Leith Links: The Scotsman: 16/06/10

Cardinal Keith's kitchen heaven in Punjab'n Raosi Cafe: Deadline Press: 16/06/10

Cyclist's absence 'will be felt forever' say grieving family: The Scotsman: 16/06/10

Forth Ports trams backtrack and the intowable driver: Guardian Edinburgh: 15/06/10

A lorryload of HGV journeys predicted for biomass plant: The Scotsman: 15/06/10

Scottish refugee week celebrated on Leith FM: Guardian Edinburgh: 15/06/10

Leith Athletic produce sparkling performance to win league: Sport Scotsman: 15/06/10

Theatre review: An island between Earth and Sky: The Scotsman: 15/06/10

From the Angel of the North to the Water of Leith: Herald Scotland: 14/06/10

Forth Ports refuses to make £29m donation to trams project: The Scotsman: 14/06/10

Hunt is on for author of poignant 1950 letter: The Scotsman: 14/06/10

Fred hits the highn notes with citizenship award: Evening News: 14/06/10

How syphilis came to Scotland and where its victims were banished: Caledonian Mercury: 14/06/10

Tram works blamed for Boudiche fall: Lynn News: 12/06/10

Red sky at night? Must be (Leith) festival season...: Guardian Edinburgh: 11/06/10

Exhibition to capture images of Leith - invitation to take part: Creative Boom: 11/06/10

Absence makes the art grow fonder: Herald Scotland: 11/06/10

Firefighters race to blaze at block of flats in Leith: Evening News: 10/06/10

Scottish government agrees to rename youth project after name clash: Guardian Edinburgh: 10/06/10

Tram fiasco: it's time to name guilty parties: The Scotsman: 10/06/10

Leith looking to restore flag days: The Scotsman: 09/06/10

Amani business club takes off in Leith: AllMedia Scotland: 08/06/10

City tram deal 'may be ripped up': Lynn News: 08/06/10

Former Leith painter aims for We Will Rock You role: UK Theatre: 07/06/10

Edinburgh tram project faces further delays: STV News: 07/06/10

Police appeal after woman robbed in broad daylight: Deadline Press and Picture: 07/06/10

Tramline's in a whole lot of rubble: The Scotsman: 07/06/10

Gormley's six of the best get their own exposure closer to home: Times Online: 07/06/10

Deadline for trams gets put back two years until 2014: The Scotsman: 06/06/10

Your (Leith) Memories: Shocked at the price of sliced bread: The Scotsman: 05/06/10

26-storey hotel plan for Leith: The Scotsman: 05/06/10

'Hibs fans can use new stand to turn Easter Road into a fortress: Daily Record: 05/06/10

Bollywood superstar Kapoor celebrates director father's birthday at Amani in Leith: All Media Scotland: 04/06/10

Leith charity fears confusion after national project adopts its name: Guardian Edinburgh: 03/06/10

Mercer Merger 20 years on: Hibs suporters are stirred up to wrest their beloved club from Mercer's grasp: Sport Scotsman: 03/06/10

Shopping in and around Leith: The List: 03/06/10

Colourful theme for Leith Festival's big community launch: The Scotsman: 03/06/10

Drunk bomb expert racially abused shop staff in Leith: Evening News: 02/06/10

Edinburgh Council has commercial property plans for Leith: UK Business Property: 02/06/10

Radio play to take the stage in Leith during Leith Festival: The Scotsman: 02/06/10

Police appeal for help in catching Leith sex attacker: Deadline Press and Picture: 02/06/10

Nuts and bolts of public art (some of it in Leith!): BBC News Blog: 02/06/10

Prince's tribute to Scottish heroes - and visit to Leith: Lynn News: 02/06/10

Gang fears as teenage thugs beat up man in city park: The Scotsman: 01/06/10

High Tea: One Edinburgh (Leith) family are bringing it back to its roots: The Scotsman: 01/06/10