Leith News: September 2009:

Plumed Horse (Leith Restaurant) earns its spurs with top award: The Scotsman: 30/09/09

Trams off the rails? Costs now open-ended?: BBC News: 30/09/09

On the radar: The Colourful Band: The Scotsman: 30/09/09

Edinburgh Tram bill could escalate to £750 million: BBC News: 30/09/09

Bus bosses frozen out of talks on merged tram firm: The Scotsman: 29/09/09

Tributes to man who clashed with Maxwell: The Scotsman: 30/09/09

City sets sights on cruise liners in latest tourism drive: The Scotsman: 29/09/09

Scots display staying power - Plumed Horse wins 'Best Restaurant in Scotland': The Scotsman: 28/09/09

Real Lives: Pete Seaton was noted for his generosity: Evening News: 28/09/09

Anger over £250k bill to protect shut shcools: The Scotsman: 28/09/09

John Gibson: Take my tip and be wary of the needle Currie is best Donate to Dnipro: Evening News: 28/09/09

Edinburgh trams spark more than 400 complaints in nine months: The Scotsman: 25/09/09

John Gibson: Poor sods, they'd had a long wait: Evening News: 25/09/09

Annie (111) is the oldest person in the country: West Lothian Courier: 24/09/09

Hughes eyes January Hibs signings: BBC Sport:24/09/09

Dissatisfied public: 'The depth of disapproval is quite staggering: Evening News: 23/09/09

Tram power cables driving us just Idlewild with rage: The Scotsman: 23/09/09

Archaeologists working along the Capital's tram rouote reveal some of their underground findings: Evening News: 23/09/09

League Cup round-up: Both Saints go marching into cup quarter-finals: The Scotsman: 22/09/09

Running shoe crosses bridge for MS cause: Evening News:22/09/09

Troubled tram project faces fresh delays as talks falter: The Herald: 21/09/09

Big man cometh: BBC News: 21/09/09

Edinburgh Music Lessons open new teaching facility in Leith: Official Wire: 21/09/09

Scotland's oldest person celebrates 111th birthday in Edinburgh (Video): STV News: 21/09/09

Tavish Scott shrugs off Kevin Lang's referendum call: BBC News:20/09/09

Book Review: 'The Complaints' by Ian Rankin: Guardian Online: 20/09/09

Hughes salutes strike duo: Scottish Premier News: 20/09/09

'Drugs hit Leith and I lost a brother. He just took the wrong path. He was only 30 when he died': The Scotsman: 19/09/09

It isn't just deep greens who live the Good Life: Times Online: 19/09/09

'Persevere' a fitting motto for Leith and its new favourite son Hughes: The Scotsman:19/09/09

John Gibson: A true case of tender love and care: Evening News: 18/09/09

'French firm to be axed' in major Edinburgh tram savings drive: The Scotsman: 17/09/09

Leith small traders accuse tram firm of double standards on banners: The Scotsman: 16/09/09

Motorists to face new curbs with Edinburgh trams: The Scotsman: 16/09/09

Decorate your bike ahead of Leith's 'car fee day': Evening News:15/09/09

Boxing:Simmons is in a fine state: Evening News: 15/09/09

Laying of tram tracks in Leith facing delay until New Year: The Scotsman: 15/09/09

Virgin Media tells one customer in Leith that repair might take fortnight: Evening News: 14/09/09

Leith MP wants Royal Mail to rethink delivery office move: The Scotsman: 14/09/09

Hibs manager John Hughes slams players for losing bottle: Daily Record:14/09/09

Community radio (Leith FM) torn apart by email fiasco: Deadline Press: 13/09/09

Susan Morrison: All manner of trouble in matters of etiquette: Evening News: 11/09/09

John Rankin: Hyped Hibs heading for 3rd place: STV Sport: 11/09/09

London date for young designers (see their work here in Leith): Arbroath Herald: 10/09/09

Trams bosses employ dedicated 'tweeter' to give work updates: The Scotsman: 09/09/09

Boxing: Simmons not down after heavy defeat: Evening News: 09/09/09

Red light for traffic as cars face afternoon Shore ban: Evening News: 08/09/09

Three-month wait to repair school's leaking class-room: The Scotsman: 08/09/09

Capital earns a place at top table of UK dining: The Scotsman: 08/09/09

Tailored glamour in leather (in Leith!): Evening News: 07/09/09

Boxing: Leith's Simmons advances at World Championships: More Than The Games: 07/09/09

Women are harming their feet with 'must-have' shoes that don't fit: Daily Record: 07/09/09

Hibs' historic goalscorer Buchanan dies aged 74: Sport Scotsman: 05/09/09

Boxing: Simmons makes a strong start at world championships: Sport Scotsman: 04/09/09

SNP defeated in parliamentary vote over handling of the Megrahi affair: The Herald: 03/09/09

Uncomfortable time for Leith furniture store: The Scotsman: 02/09/09

Boxing: Simmons full of confidence for world bid: Sport Scotsman: 02/09/09

Sir Tom Farmer accuses UK Governments of floundering: Deadline Press & Picture: 02/09/09