Leith News: April 2009:

Cash shortfall sees city fishing museum slip through the net: The Scotsman: 30/04/09

Hibees take lead into the future: The BBC News: 30/04/09

Care home worker charged with the assault of resident: The Scotsman: 30/04/09

Don't pay bonuses to tram workers - or bankers - just for doing their jobs: The Scotsman: 30/04/09

Byrne sends Rangers crashing: The Herald: 30/04/09

Edinburgh tram setback: Transport Briefing: 28/04/09

Man had foot-long blade in his back: The Scotsman: 28/04/09

Job centres hire new staff to deal with rising unemployed: Evening News: 28/04/09

Still no tram track - but workers have £1m bonuses paid on time: The Scotsman: 28/04/09

Heroin addict stabbed victim in the back as he attempted to escape: The Scotsman: 28/04/09

Climate change threatens development of Leith docks: The Journal: 27/04/09

MSPs reveal proposal to scrap right to buy for social housing: The Herald: 27/04/09

The Kirk wakes up to AIDS, sex-trafficking and prostitution: Sunday Herald: 26/04/09

Leith 17-year-old to remix Pet Shop Boys single: The Scotsman: 25/04/09

Thain is only winner for Scots in Irish thrashing: Evening News: 25/04/09

Miller times it just right...: Evening News: 24/04/09

Tram works finally begin in £10 guided busway: The Scotsman: 24/04/09

Leith Festival in plea for financial backing: The Scotsman: 24/04/09

City artist Frank To has a star fan in Sci-Fi legend Patrick Stewart: The Glaswegian: 23/04/09

Chris Hoy launches pioneering new Sick Kids unit: The Scotsman: 23/04/09

Stunt video reaches new heights: BBC News: 21/04/09

Britannia crew return to Leith for reunion: BBC News: 20/04/09

Social inclusion crucial (please see end of story): The Star Online: 19/04/09

Big foot a step closer to move after campaign: Evening News: 18/04/09

Oceans of maritime history to be celbrated in £10m Leith museum: The Scotsman: 18/04/09

Shows should boldly go outside London (please see end of story): The Scotsman: 18/04/09

Boxing: Mitchell takes old foe Fraser the distance: Evening News: 18/04/09

8 year old girl rushed to hospital after being flung 30ft from fairground ride: Daily Record: 11/04/09

Champagne up for grabs if Wheeler spotted inspecting tram works on Leith Walk: The Scotsman: 10/04/09

Mixu rues points that got away: Yahoo Sports: 10/04/09

Transport chiefs probe danger to pedestrians after near misses at tram sites: Evening News: 09/04/09

£11 student flat project put on hold: The Scotsman: 09/04/09

First tram tracks to be laid in 2 months: The Scotsman: 08/04/09

Trust hopes to act out reopening of theatre: The Scotsman: 07/04/09

City's replica tram sets off for a stint on Constitution Street: Evening News: 07/04/09

Finola's night with the stars: Border Telegraph: 07/04/09

OAP fights off female knife mugger: Evening News: 07/04/09

Tram mock-up to move to Leith: Edinburgh Guide: 06/04/09

Leith dealer in the swing as he sells 7000 clubs to one buyer: Antiques Trade Gazette: 06/04/09

Your Memories: Tea, sandwiches... and a party above Woolies: Evening News: 04/04/09

Docking in for a peaceful read in Leith: Evening News: 04/04/09

Minister slammed for ignoring plea for action on party flats: Evening News: 04/04/09

Simmons stays alive at BEE-GEE tournament: Evening News: 04/04/09

Mixu wants goal feast of Steven: Daily Record: 03/04/09

Tram a lang: TIE's new Chief Executive: Financial Times: 02/04/09

Blend of acts for Mela Festival: The Scotsman: 02/04/09

New trams boss told: you've taken on Mission Impossible: Evening News: 02/04/09

Fifth time lucky for eyesore site as hotel scheme unveiled: Evening News: 02/04/09

Simmons turns down pro offers to focus on London: Evening News: 02/04/09

Exposure: Unicorn Kid from Leith makes it big on MySpace: The List: 02/04/09

Trams shift Leith Festival parade route again: Evening News: 01/04/09

Men speed off after attack on city cyclist: The Scotsman: 01/04/09

Leith club march on to coveted football festival in Airdrie: Evening News: 01/04/09

Trams to expand with F-Rail Loop: The Scotsman: 01/04/09