Leith News: November 2008:

Viking-swilling raiders find their shopping Valhalla: Scotland on Sunday: 30/11/08

City transport bosses ready to ask Holyrood for trams bail-out cash: Evening News: 29/11/08

Champions carry Capital hopes: Evening News: 29/11/08

Edinburgh catches first sight of its tram rails: The Herald: 29/11/08

Bid to find war's 'forgotten victims': BBC News: 28/11/08

First night at my pub Russell Latapy arrived with Brian Lara: Daily Record: 28/11/08

Trams 'on schedule and on budget': BBC News: 28/11/08

Capital tram tracks arrive: The Scotsman: 28/11/08

Gold star in school report: The Scotsman: 27/11/08

Fight fans flock to a full-blooded fundraiser: Southern Reporter: 27/11/08

Safety fears as vice girl service is withdrawn: The Scotsman: 27/11/08

Group takes a firm stance for traders: Evening News: 26/11/08

Cup thriller at Double Hedges: Evening News: 26/11/08

Mock tram aiming to get critics on board: Evening News: 24/11/08

Young movie makers using big screen to defend the Fort: The Scotsman: 24/11/08

Classy Hibs put goals to the fore: Scotland on Sunday: 23/11/08

Chisolm hits out at plan to drop tram line: The Scotsman: 22/11/08

A new age for the happy family: The Herald: 22/11/08

Tram workers in walk-out threat over wages wrangle: Evening News: 21/11/08

City shines in litter test despite the blackspots: The Scotsman: 21/11/08

Turning our cricket pitch into a bit of a pond ..it's just not cricket!: The Scotsman: 21/11/08

Closure of three city primary schools confirmed: The Scotsman: 20/11/08

Arthur eyes return to ring in February: Evening News: 20/11/08

Three-time pizza champs lead the delivery race: Deadline: 20/11/08

Darling pleads for primary as fate of three city schools is put to vote: The Scotsman: 20/11/08

Driver breaks into car pound and takes back his car: Daily Record: 20/11/08

Hibs striker Fletcher will not risk his ankle agailnst Motherwell this weekend: Mail Online: 20/11/08

City chiefs to pass 'urgent' measures to fill tram jobs: Evening News: 19/11/08

Edinburgh tram network falls victim to credit crunch: Daily Telegraph: 19/11/08

Interim leader for capital trams: BBC News: 19/11/08

Tram workers attacked with bricks as tempers boil over: Evening News: 18/11/08

Capital looks to Leith to boost global status: The Scotsman: 17/11/08

Sir Tom Farmer says enthusiasm is key in business and charity: The Telegraph: 16/11/08

The end of heritage?: Sunday Herald: 16/11/08

TIE chief's move is the start of bad news for the project: The Scotsman: 15/11/08

Leith get it pitch perfect to overcome hosts Rose: Evening News: 15/11/08

Tram chief's resignation: It's vital that an able replacement is found quickly: The Scotsman: 14/11/08

Simmons offered swansong: Evening News: 14/11/08

Tram project chief quits for 'personal and family reasons': The Herald: 14/11/08

Timetable set for primary schools to shut: The Scotsman: 14/11/08

Crisis time for United as Leith walk all over them: Southern Reporter: 13/11/08

We're dreaming of a tight Christmas: Evening News: 12/11/08

Capital marketing planners appoint Leith Agency arm: All Media Scotland: 12/11/08

Local hero Susan opens new supermarket: Evening News: 11/11/08

Proud Hibs skipper's descendents see cups: Sport Scotsman: 11/11/08

Architects look raise the roof with green dock plans: The Scotsman: 11/11/08

Majestic hit as business clients cut down on champagne: Business Scotsman: 11/11/08

Gatherings remember those who fell in wars: The Scotsman: 10/11/08

John Gibson: Relaunch of this grand old lady: The Scotsman: 10/11/08

Mixu Paatelainen left shocked by inept Hibernian performance: Times Online: 10/11/08

Edinburgh shoppers given early Christmas treat: The Journal: 09/11/08

Introduction to Scotland's landscape filled with Celtic lore, beauty: Times Herald: 09/11/08

Riordan miss sums up miserable day for hosts Hibs: Sunday Herald: 09/11/08

Taking famous menace to task: Evening News: 08/11/08

Breakthrough in Leith murder case: Evening News: 08/11/08

Commonwealth closure threat to Paralympic medallist's club: The Scotsman: 08/11/08

Get here quickly, ex-pats or your city will be sold: The Scotsman: 07/11/08

Soutar says hovercraft would be running if Capital gave cash: The Scotsman: 07/11/08

Alex's passions were his family and his music: Evening News: 07/11/08

Pelamis secures £5m funding round: Wave & Tidal Energy: 06/11/08

Church puts Hibs trophies on display: Evening News: 06/11/08

Businessman gets out black paint to fix tram firm's mistake: Evening News: 05/11/08

25 years of offering truly unique single cask single malt whisky: Web Wire: 04/11/08

Strive to keep customers on board Britannia: The Scotsman: 04/11/08

Urban regeneration and retail therapy: Glass on Web: 04/11/08

Heritage site status under review: BBC News: 04/11/08

Hibs trial Austrian goalkeeper: Sport Scotsman: 04/11/08

Remembering: The poignant legacy of war: The Scotsman: 03/11/08

Parents claim poor test results are a ploy to undermine school: The Scotsman: 03/11/08

Man fined £1000 for drunken rampage in shop: Evening News: 03/11/08

Youth projects to get more cash: The Scotsman: 01/11/08

Tree replacement a must on Leith Walk: The Scotsman: 01/11/08

Boxing: Cypriots shrugged off by East: Evening News: 01/11/08

Vics chip in with thank you to sponsor: Evening News: 01/11/08

Forth Ports' £100m credit set to be renewed: The Scotsman: 01/11/08

Tobacconists could be stubbed out: The Scotsman: 01/11/08