Leith News: January 2008:

We're going all out now for museum: Evening News: 31/01/08

We must help bike projects step up a gear: Evening News: 31/01/08

City fitness centre gets in shape in Leith for 21st century: Evening News: 30/01/08

EU volunteers help disabled: Evening News: 30/01/08

Scottish shaker aims to be a southern mover: Financial Times: 28/01/08

Wheels turn in campaign for cycle path: Evening News: 28/01/08

Secret group owns up to Leith graffiti: Evening News: 28/01/08

Dunshippin' - Forth Ports plans Edinburgh eco-town: Times Online: 26/01/08

Scottish and Newcastle deal marks the end of an era: Scotsman: 26/01/08

Graham gives Ali a great chance at Danderhall: Evening News: 26/01/08

Turmoil in the global markets affects us all: Evening News: 25/01/08

Simmons set for Bulgarian warm-up: Evening News: 24/01/08

Move to screen port's history on cruise liners: Evening News: 23/01/08

Leith hit a magnificent seven:Evening News: 23/01/08

Is this the end of cheap food?: Observer: 20/01/08

Forth Ports flings down gauntlet as Babccok buys on: Independent on Sunday: 20/01/08

Price hike makes fuel poverty a burning issue: Evening News: 19/01/08

Rankin guaranteed to bring the sunshine back to Leith: Evening News: 19/01/08

Intrepid spirit shone in work and home life:Evening News: 19/01/08

Waterfront must reflect needs of all: Evening News: 18/01/08

Leith Agency appointed to boost bread sales: mad.co.uk: 16/01/08

Forth Ports offers haven from credit crunch storms: Times Online: 15/01/08

City MP urges action to beat fuel poverty: Evening News: 08/01/08

Floating business park helps to turn port's tide: Financial Times: 08/01/08

City pair turning up the heat in race to win Chef of the Year :Evening News: 08/01/08

Lib Dems put poverty high on their campaign: Evening News: 05/01/08

You're the Boss: Sports Scotsman: 04/01/08

The uprising that came to a bloody end: Scotsman: 02/01/08

The uprising that came to a bloody end: Scotsman: 02/01/08