Leith News: April 2008:

Forth Ports has wind in its sails: Scotsman: 30/04/08

Grangemouth strike fails to disrupt buoyant Forth Ports: Scotsman: 30/04/08

Traders create tram action group: BBC News: 29/04/08

Government to make unseen art more accessible to public (in Leith): Evening News: 28/04/08

Polish migrant workers given block of flats to call their own: Scotsman: 28/04/08

Husband of senior government worker is a heroin dealer: Sunday Mail: 25/04/08

Lamb's House is ideal for museum: Scotsman: 27/04/08

Politicians clean up their act by picking up street litter: Scotsman: 27/04/08

City joins up with SEPA to sort out stink: Evening News: 26/04/08

Victory just the ticket in Bus Cup semi-final: Evening News: 26/04/08

Sewage plant ordered to clean up: BBC News: 25/04/08

Waterfront museums to go Forth: Scotsman: 25/04/08

Trams work: I'm sick of it... We'll have to move out: Evening News: 25/04/08

Simmons set to star in Leith Vics' summer show: Evening News: 24/04/08

Polish sign says drinking banned in Leith park: Scotsman: 23/04/08

Bakery takes biscuit with food fest slot: Evening News: 23/04/08

Residents call to put an end to plans for student digs: Scotsman: 23/04/08

The Leader of the band (from Leith): Scotsman: 23/04/08

Boozy to add a little French twist for Hibs: Scotsman: 23/04/08

Capital Gains - Multi-cultural festival set to grow: The Herald: 22/04/08

A bigger event is planned for the Edinburgh Mela in Leith: BBC News: 21/04/08

Sir Tom ups stakes for Leith museum: Scotsman: 21/04/08

Danger road to get yellow lines: Scotsman: 21/04/08

Last-ditch battle for the future of Edinburgh's historic waterfront: Observer: 20/04/08

Leith keep up record against Musselburgh: Evening News: 19/04/08

Stagecoach looks for plan to get hovercraft running: Scotsman: 18/04/08

Vice law fails safety test: Scotsman: 18/04/08

Folk club to take to the airways on Leith FM: Scotsman: 18/04/08

Tycoon Farmer backs drive for Leith museum: Evening News: 18/04/08

Edinburgh Apprentice hopeful stays in the running: Scotsman: 18/04/08

Wicker Man director has burning desire for city: Evening News: 16/04/08

Sir Terry Farrell in bold vision for Edinburgh's future: Evening News: 16/04/08

Attacks on prostitutes soar after vice 'driven underground' by law: Scotsman: 16/04/08

Western Harbour bus service ready to roll: Evening News: 15/04/08

Lamb's House: History expert hits out over flats plan: Evening News: 14/04/08

Novelist Lari to meet young fans at store: Scotsman: 14/04/08

Fury over 'Wester-Hailes-By-The-Sea': Sunday Herald: 13/04/08

A way of life overtaken by modern times: Evening News: 12/04/08

It wasn't the blackout that bothered us it was the Ham Bone beasties: Evening News: 12/04/08

Trams: Signs say 'open for business' but who's going to see them?: Evening News: 11/04/08

Sikhs to parade through Leith: Evening News: 11/04/08

Tram crew find four skeltons in Constitution Street: Daily Record: 11/04/08

Tram compensation: 'This at least shows that TIE is listening': Scotsman: 10/04/08

Leith pupils to tuck in for free: Evening News: 10/04/08

Mystery over historic paintings of Leith and Edinburgh: BBC News: 10/04/08

Leith Festival Children's writing contest: Evening News: 06/04/08

Athens defeat for Leith Boxer Simmons: Evening News: 08/04/08

Piper Louise bags Leith Folk Club spot: Scotsman: 08/04/08

Leithers brush aside all-conquering Fifers to reach semi-finals: Evening News: 08/04/08

Skier strikes gold after mum donates kidney: Scotsman: 07/04/08

Fifty flee fire at flats in Leith: Sunday Mail: 06/04/08

French lessons on offer for youngsters: Evening News: 05/04/08

Health fears block Leith Docks leisure plans: Evening News: 05/04/08

Leith comeback thrills home crowd: Evening News: 05/04/08

Trams reroute festival parade: Evening News: 04/04/08

Sikh women get knitting in Leith: Evening News: 03/04/08

Get the whole story on paintings: Evening News: 03/04/08

Greener Leith meeting moved after date clash: Evening News: 02/04/08

Leith boys one step from glory: Evening News: 02/04/08

Fed-up flat buyers hit out at 3 year wait for "£250k dream boat prize: Daily Record: 02/04/08

Fans of Leith flocking to use Facebook page: Evening News: 01/04/08

Let's hear it for our John Conroy, the convoy hero: Evening News: 01/04/08