Leith News: November 2007:

African encounter tops bill at Christmas show: Evening News: 30/11/07

Floating hotel plan for Scots clan gathering: Evening News: 29/11/07

Leith streets shame of capital: Evening News: 29/11/07

All aboard for the Leith Agency: All Media Scotland: 27/11/07

Christmas tree returns so no need to pine: Evening News: 27/11/07

Uphall turn up the heat on Leith Athletic: Evening News: 27/11/07

Ben and Jess exchange vows at green wedding: Evening News: 26/11/07

Duvet know it's Christmas time? They do now: Evening News: 26/11/07

Edinburgh's Christmas premieres new family spectactular: All Media Scotland: 23/11/07

Lorna Moon chosen to write Scottish play: Daily News: 22/11/07

Traders slam tram compensation package: Evening News: 22/11/07

The lights have gone out on our Christmas: Evening News: 22/11/07

Broadcaster savours wines with a Scottish flavour: Evening News: 21/11/07

Open for Business - Corn Exchange exhibition review: The Journal: 20/11/07

Acrobats make special Night Before Christmas: Evening News: 20/11/07

Spartans left in shock after Leith mount late fightback: Evening News: 20/11/07

Historic Leith deserves a museum of its own: Evening News: 17/11/07

Call for green-friendly future for Leith: Evening News: 17/11/07

Energy co-op to aid community: Evening News: 16/11/07

City MP gets rare chance of member's bill: Evening News: 16/11/07

Roseleaf - Upbeat pub grub: The List Magazine: 15/11/07

School to lose Christmas tree: Evening News: 15/11/07

Tram sheds its past after 100 years in garden: Evening News: 14/11/07

Fire prompts city road closures: BBC News: 14/11/07

City puts more focus on CCTV: Evening News: 12/11/07

Rugby stars face hairy moments in cash drive: Evening News: 12/11/07

Music: The Proclaimers, Edinburgh Playhouse: The Herald: 12/11/07

A work in progress - street art in a Leith flat: Guardian: 10/11/07

Irate Leith email becomes web phenomenon: Press Association: 10/11/07

Hibs are in their blood - Cousins looking to score: Evening News: 10/11/07

Parking fears fail to drive out flats plan: Evening News: 09/11/07

Irate police complaint becomes web hit: Daily Telegraph: 09/11/07

IT's for girls too and this will prove it: Evening News: 08/11/07

Festive fair to fund kids' trip: Evening News: 08/11/07

MSP making a meal of it : Evening News: 07/11/07

Simmons heads south to seek jab advice: Evening News: 07/11/07

Crime victim hit by police charge: Evening News: 07/11/07

Low Waters pour misery down on Vale: Evening News: 06/11/07

Life's not so Swede at the bar: Evening News: 05/11/07

Campaign to keep sailors warm: Evening News: 03/11/07

Trams are our ticket to ruin: Evening News: 02/11/07

Waterfront 'risks turning into massive ghetto': Evening News: 02/11/07

Parents fight threat of axe: Evening News: 02/11/07

Pledge to look at Forth hovercraft link as experts back ferry service: Scotsman: 01/11/07

Waste plant hit by Sepa rubbish plan: Evening News: 01/11/07